Me and My Family

Me and My Family

10 January, 2014

picture memories

These pictures are in no particular order. I have just been reminiscing about old times. Happier, healthier times.  

fishing in Ketchikan

Me and Kaili

Fun catch and release times, and look at my long hair. Miss that.

How could you, I am not even awake yet. Thanks mom!!! Not. 

Love that girl. 

Looking forward to meeting Christopher

Oh look, here he is, a few months old already! and such a handsome lion. 

Brother and Sister love!

This pretty much sums  up my son. Even these days, and he is 7 1/2 now. He has just moved on from dogs water to other things. lol 

MMMM Mommy loves you son. 

Our Ari girl before we even knew she would be ours. 

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