Me and My Family

Me and My Family

02 February, 2014

I did NOT see that coming

I may have used the title of this post before, but given what happened yesterday it seems fitting for me to use it again.
I had my hydro 2010 spa, heat / lymphatic massage therapy and was in my room getting my infusion of vit. C.
The nurse, Christian, came in and hung another bag on the rod and said it was my vaccine, then came in with some shots. I had to expose both upper arms and my upper thighs. So I lay on the bed and did as I was told. He gave me a shot in each arm, and each leg. I went to lay back down on the other bed in the sun, as my room was chilly yesterday.
Christian told me I might feel a bit cold later. Ok, no biggy. I was already cold. So I would stay in the sun.
Well, about 5 minutes later I was shivering uncontrollably from head to toe. I couldn't have controlled it for anything. If I opened my mouth my teeth would chatter together, if I closed my mouth I would grit my teeth. Everything hurt from shivering so hard and at the same time trying not to; my back, my stomach, my mouth, my head. It really threw me off guard. When Christian came back in I told him I couldn't stop. He got me a blanket and then came back again in a few minutes. I hadn't slowed down at all, so he then got me an antihistamine. He put his hand on my arm and spoke soothing, comforting words to me for a minute. He left and when he returned, he brought the Doctor with him. By this time I had almost stopped shivering, but then felt like vomiting. I didn't, thank goodness. I remember them telling me that this sort of thing happens sometimes with people. After that I slept, and slept, and slept. The antihistamine they gave me was the "may cause drowsiness" kind.
I feel like this went on for 20 or more minutes, in reality it might have been more like 10. I don't know. All I know is I hated that feeling. I can maybe,  sort of, imagine how scary it might be to have a seizure after that ordeal.
This morning I woke up feeling so much better. Not only was I rested, but I wasn't achy. I have been achy since getting here...since before getting here. I actually felt good this morning. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that today is Sunday, or because I shivered it all out of me. lol
The only problem with this morning is it's cold. Cold outside, and cold inside, and I couldn't get my little heater unit to work. I asked Christian to help, and he had to ask someone else to come help. We got it working and now my room is nice and comfortable.
I have been face timing family and crocheting, while finding the right channel on TV to watch the Superbowl in english.
I have been in contact with members from my church down here and will get picked up next Sunday for church. Even though the service will probably be in Spanish, it will feel good to go.
May you all have a Blessed week!!!


  1. Dani-
    So glad you are not achy today. I am sure you are looking forward to church next Sunday! I am sure the cold and shivering did throw you for a loop. So glad you are warmer today! I am sure it would have felt good to be in the heat chamber at that time. :) Our thoughts and prayers and with you! We miss you!

    Allison Ellibee

  2. Do you think that will happen each time? Goodness!! Happy you feel great today. Miss you.

    Jenni Weed

    1. Jenni,
      The Doc told me that should not happen each time. Thank goodness.

  3. Hang in there. We are praying for you.
    Debbie Amos

  4. Dani, today the Doctor told me I have a nodule in my thyroid. They'll biopsy it in a couple of weeks. I did NOT see THAT coming. I miss you.