Me and My Family

Me and My Family

22 February, 2014

Home stretch

I am on the home stretch.
 I would be getting my "gripper" (the needle in my port with tube for infusions) out right now, but they talked me into one last infusion of Vit. C tonight. They wanted to do it in the morning, but I said no. Tonight or not at all. 
I did my last lymphatic massage therapy a bit ago. It was nice and warm. 
Now I just have today to get through. Lunch, maybe a shower, pack, sit outside if the sun comes out from behind the clouds, and then the last infusion tonight right after supper. 
I have to make sure my phone and Kindle are charged up for the trip. I have been reading so much, I have already charged my Kindle about 3 times. Maybe 4, I can't even remember anymore. 
I will see the Doc one last time in the morning, he will make sure the staff pack up my vaccines in dry ice and are ready for me. Then I take the Doc's shuttle service to the airport. Hopefully Sundays at the border, in the medical lane, are quick. 
I can't wait to get all checked in and settled at my gate so I can return to using my iPhone to talk to my family. And, of course I can't wait to board and begin my journey home. Tomorrow will probably be a long day for my family, taking care of business as usual, and then they won't even leave home until about 9:40pm to come get me. WE might get home by midnight. I think Monday will be a low key day. Maybe? I can hope.....? 
Well, I will catch up when I get settled at home. 
love and blessings, 


  1. Safe travels, sweet Dani.
    Jenni Weed

  2. whoopeee!!!! Finally you'll be reuniting with your family....well not all of us. I hope your trip goes without a hitch. Make sure to stay buckled. Lots of turbulence issues lately. Love you and fly safe.

  3. Thinking about you as you are back home and spending time with those you love!