Me and My Family

Me and My Family

03 June, 2013

You just never know

You just never know...
     ~what you'll be when you grow up (till you grow up and do it)
     ~who you will marry (or if you will)
     ~how many kids you will have (and if they will be boys, girls, angels, or whippersnappers)
     ~where you will live (and who you will live with)
     ~who will stand by your side (through the thick and thin...until they do it)
     ~how you will die (or when)
     ~what trials you will face (or how you will face them)
     ~what blessings you will receive (until you receive them, and learn to recognize them)
     ~what your life holds for you (until you live it!)

Today I anxiously waited for a phone call that never came. What a day of emotional ups and downs. This whole week will be that way for me. These weeks I have bloodwork and CT scans are very emotional for me. Even now that I am relying on my lifestyle change to encourage my body to heal naturally. There are so many unknowns....not different really than traditional treatment. Have I drank enough juice? Have I stayed away from other foods enough? Have I taken enough supplements? Have I reduced my stress enough? Have I incorporated enough positive thoughts? Have I given it enough time?
I go from thinking I am doing all these things right and of course!!!! there will be change for the better, to thinking of course I haven't done enough...and my scan will show it with growth! Or even thinking...despite my best efforts maybe there will be growth anyway.
Its nerve racking!
It's stressful!
It's crazy making!
I will be so glad when it's Thursday night, even if my news isn't what I had hoped, prayed and worked hard for.
I mean come on, how many of you can honestly say you like the unknown? I don't think there are many of us who do.
I work hard every single day to be as positive as I can, while still being realistic. Life can change in a second! Things can change in my body fast and I could recover, or get worse. Time is precious!
Let's remember to make the most of it.
Love ya all.

01 June, 2013

Looking back

Using the CitrusStar to make orange juice, at Hallelujah Acres

My bedroom while there. 

One of the many salads we made. 

Another one...too spicy for me. 

Just like good and all raw/plant based. 

My wonderful Hosts....Janis and Ben. Miss them so much. 

Peeling carrots before Juicing them. 

And there you have it. 

Ben talked about these Enchilada's ALL week. He loves them.  They were pretty good. 

Pizza on Rustic Crust with Daiya cheese, and veggies. 

Vegenaise Sauce, Spinach and Daiya Cheese. 

Ben also loves his Chili. 

I taught Damon how to make "sorbet" in the Champion Juicer.

Looking back I really miss my time at Hallelujah Acres. I was relaxed,  calm,  and at ease there.  Ben and Janis were the most wonderful hosts. Their home is beautiful, and they are so good at making one feel at home there. I feel so blessed to have been able to spend two weeks with them. They have great senses of humor!
I enjoy making some of the recipes I learned for my husband and son. I say "and son" but he really doesn't try too much of what I make. I have been finding more alternatives for him, but would still like to get him more on board with a plant based lifestyle.
I know pancakes aren't really plant baed, but I started making my own batter with Organic whole wheat flour, oats, flax seed, egg substitute, baking soda, a dash of cinnamon, and water or rice milk as a base. He does get raw peanut butter and organic maple syrup on them, but he loves them. That has become the new breakfast favorite. He does love fruit, and thats good.
Skipping forward, I switched Doctors. I transferred my care to out in the "valley" closer to home. I got tired of driving in for every 10 minute appt. to discuss scan reports and such, and then end up being on the opposite page as my doctor. Everything else is out here, scans, bloodwork, I figured I should have a Doc out here as well. I met with my new Doc a few days ago, and I really like him. I told him right up front what I am doing a far as lifestyle and he said that is great. He commented when he came in, that I look really good. He said, "you don't look like what I would expect to see when I read this medical record." It was good to hear him say that. He listened to my lungs and said they sound great! Of course bloodwork and CT scans will give us more information.....those are coming.
We had a good visit and I assured him I feel good, have energy and enjoy being able to do things with my son.
I  will keep in touch about tests and results.
In the mean time, enjoy the pictures. they are not fabulous or beautiful, but tell a story for me, so I love them.
Happy June!