Me and My Family

Me and My Family

29 February, 2012

Less (is more?)

Less is more. We have all heard this saying, right? I have been thinking this week about
Me with Less.

Me with Less:
This is the style I am thinking of.

Ok, getting on with it....I get sidetracked easily.
Me with LESS:
weight(Susan K. I can hear you now...)
dog poop
unexpected expenses
vet bills
dirty dishes
LESS of all this would possibly mean More to me!
free time
spending money
green grass to play on
time to read
time to play
dreams coming true
time to spend with Damon

So, Less is More!
Love to you all!
Thanks for being my readers.

23 February, 2012


This Chemo does seem endless!!
 I do have to say though that I get treated like a queen when I come home that night and the few days after. My littleman, Damon is so attentive. He is learning to use the toaster over so he likes to make me toast, cut me bananas and oranges and whatever other fruit we might have on hand. He serves me on a plate with a TV tray, and when I finish he clears my place. He even gets me water. Endless this could be, I wouldn't mind. He is such a little gentleman. I never ask him to do these things. I am more likely to ask him to fetch me a book, my phone, glasses, take things to the trash...all of which he does as well.
So to brag a bit more on a day I do'nt feel good...he is reading!!!! My precious kindergartener is reading. It's wonderful to see him process this developmental milestone. I know I wAS NOT reading in K. I was fingerpainting, singing, playing...listening to stories but not reading them.
And he loves all things non fiction! He can tell you almost anything you want to know about the Titanic, and frogs, bugs, dolphins, etc...
I am so proud to be his momma. I pray I will be around for many more milestones. I love them! I love him! I love life ( not so much on chemo weeks)!

16 February, 2012

sleepless nights

This is where John and I sleep now. It's a KING! And I have all new pillows thanks to my mom!!! thank you for the birthday pillows. Now I can sit up in bed and read to DAmon, and to myself. I can roll over from my spot to the middle. I don't have to roll in the same spot. (John still hugs his edge, so that works out for me!!!)
Ari on the other hand, thinks now she is queen of getting to sleep in the bed. I haven't yet decided how much energy to exert pushing her off repeatedly! I like to spread my legs our without running into any obstacles. I got flannel sheets from Costco, they are heavenly.
All this and  you would think I would not be having anymore sleepless nights right?
Well it's not that my whole night is sleepless. It's just that my sleep gets interrupted repeatedly, and not just because of ARI.
I check on Damon.
I go to the bathroom.
I check on Damon
I go to the bathroom.
I get a drink.
I lay with Damon, thus loosing at least an hour in my own bed.
I take the dogs out.
I listen to John's CPAP machine.
I worry about Bode's aggression with ARi.
I worry about my next treatment.
I go to the bathroom.
I worry about my family.
I get a headache.
And the worst nights always seem to be the ones I take a sleep aid...then I am up and down more.
Crazy how that works.

So, for those of  you not on my facebook, and who I might not have emailed, I am trying to win tickets to dierks bentley concert. Please.......
go to Kash1075
click on dierks
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my two photos are of Damon with fish. titled "me and my dollies" and "fishin with dad". you can vote once a day, every day. The rating system is rating the photo. 5 being the best. Please vote 5 on each photo, each day if you can remember.
I really want to go to this concert and winning the tickets would be GREAT fun.
Thanks for reading, Thanks for loving, Thanks for praying, Thanks for positive thoughts, Thanks for supporting me and my family, Thanks for being you.
Blessings to you!!!!!

14 February, 2012

Time passes

I have my ups and downs with this blog. I get on a roll, posting several days in a row and then I go on hiatus! I want to be more consistant. I talk about consistancy, I strive for it, I look for it. But for some reason with this project it escapes me. Actually as with most projects these days, consistancy escapes me. I am the most consistant when it comes to parenting Damon. And don't let that comment fool you. I mess up a lot. I slip, I let things slide...yep I am a pretty normal parent. I don't even take pictures and videos consistantly like I would like to.

I seem these days to be getting a little laundry, do a load of dishes, make dinner once or twice a week for john, vacuum sometimes, clean off the desk once every few months. John must think I am just a slacker when it comes to housework. I am doing my best. Some days I just don't have the energy...I do one or the other thing. it's either dishes, or laundry, maybe not both. lol

I am attempting to do less on the days I really don't feel good and in return, do more on the days I feel good, but guess what? Do you ever run into this? There ISNT enough time in the day. I try to plan, prioritize, and somehow I still run out of time. Maybe I am still sitting around too much. I think part of that is winter. It's easy to do up here in Alaska where it's cold, dark, icy out, windy, and snowy. It's easy to let oneself hibernate. I try not to. It helps having Damon around, he keeps me on my toes.

My mom bought these little ankle weights, the kind that are filled with sand or some such thing and they velcro around the ankle, know what I mean? Anyway, they are about 1.5 lbs each. I had Damon put one around each ankle and go up and down the stairs. He talked about how they were heavy and made it difficult. bingo. I was letting him know that is how Mommy's legs feel after I get treatment...tired and heavy. That is why I don't like going up and down the stairs if I don't have to. I wanted him to start to understand a little bit about what the meds do to my body. He didn't seem too terribly interested, but I think in the back of his mind he will mull it over and put two and two together.

Speaking of putting 2 and 2 together....Bode is working on it. He has a ways to go, but boy can this boy jump and smell. He has a good sniffer this one.
Poised and ready.......
 And legs meant for jumping....
And the jump....this boy can jump, and he has a GREAT nose on him.
 And a face to love!!!
Had to cool off a minute.
 And then there is Ari...So sweet and pretty.
Can't pass a good photo op of the blonde beauty.

02 February, 2012

I vow

Anyone seen any good movies lately? Any GREAT ones? Sherlock Holmes 2 was really good. The Help was good. War Horse was really good. I love a good movie. I don't like the cost of going to a good movie. Despite this cost, I VOW to enjoy myself when I got to see The Vow on the 10th with my hubby. My mom will be in town ( have treatment the 8th) so we have a babysitter. I don't know if I vow to not eat the popcorn, though the way my mouth feels will more than likely interfere with consuming more than two bites.
I am not looking forward the treatment and the tiredness after, but am SO looking forward to the movie night. John and I need to Vow to go on more dates. Lately a date for us is sitting next to each other on the couch and watching the news and then Jay Leno after DAmon is in bed. wooo hooo, makes for real blood pumping romance....Not! hahaha
I recently made reservations for us to go the Wyndam resort in New Braunfels Texas in August. We need to get away. It will be hot, but that's ok, we plan on going to Schlitterbahn, the waterpark, where we can cool down. I can't wait to go!
What movies have you seen lately?
What dates have you been on?
Where do you like to vacation?
I vow to read your responses. :)

01 February, 2012

Human (normal) again

After this last treatment I finally feel human again. Today has been rather normal. I got up and walked on the treadmill, showered, then got Damon ready for school, ran errands, and so normal people do any day of the week.
Of course when I was a teenager I rebelled against "normal". Just ask anyone in my family! My motto was "why be normal?" I didn't see any sense in it! I had no use for it. I shunned it. I did all I could to turn my back on it. Normal? Who needs it right? Normal was boring, tiring, lame.

Well, now adays I look for normal. I crave normal. Wow, funny how a word starts to sound really weird after using it so often. normal normal normal normal etc....I think I forgot what it even means now and what I was getting at by using this word.

oh yea, I want to be normal. Like I was way back when, when I wasn't really normal, but I was.
Wow, have I lost you all yet? I lost myself back on paragraph two. let's see......................oh, teenagers, there's nothing normal about them. lol I didn't need to try so hard NOT to be normal...if only I'd known then what I know now. I probably wasted a lot of energy.

Energy...I am getting that back today too. Normal Energy! hmmmph.
My poor family suffered through the weekend with me. They are such troopers. I was SO cranky on Saturday, it was so not normal around the house. Or was it normal? Normal for every other Saturday. yep, that's the NEW Normal!

I have to redefine that word for my life now. workin on it. every day. every hour. that and about a Kazillion other things.

this is normal. Damon playing in wet grass with his dump truck.

Or contimplating the sand on the beach at "Pasagshak" in Kodiak. I miss those days.

I had energy to watch John fish, play with Damon, build a fire and I could eat hot dogs. lol
To all who look for grateful for it.