Me and My Family

Me and My Family

30 April, 2012

wouldn't it be amazing?

I have been thinking a lot more about my diet and lifestyle since keeping up with my friends' blog,, and watching "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead".
I have done so much research and reading, and watching documentaries in the last year it's Aaaamazing how most of it points in the same direction.....plant based diet! Not just to cleanse, but to heal, boost, fuel, and energize your body.
What I feel after watching "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead" is how LIBERATING it would feel/be to just eat veggies and fruits, in juice or smoothies, or soups, or just in salad. How amazing it would feel/be to not have to ever worry about or think about any other foods. There would be less frustrating choices to make at the store, and at home when preparing meals for family, making school lunches for kids.
Then I think, well, that WOUld be liberating however, it also scares me to think of never eating another pizza, or Ben and Jerries, I do so love those two men!, or having popcorn and candy at the movies.
I don't think it's so much being scared of not having those things, it's more about the emotions those things feed. Like my friend Amy, I have food issues I have struggled with for YRS! It's not easy to just move on. It's important, but not easy. But wouldn't it just be so amazing? Liberating? Freeing? Easy?
The fact does remain though that eating lots of produce in alaska is expensive. It's just not cheap. And it's hard to find good produce some days. How grand it would be to live somewhere warm where there are produce stands everywhere.
But where I live is not on topic here today.
I vow to do my best each day to eat more and more plant based foods and cut out processed foods. I thank my friend, Amy, for doing her blog and juice fast and inspiring me to get back on the wagon! I have as good a reason as anyone for needing to do this, I have cancer and want to help my body heal itself as much as possible. You would think that with my own life on the line it would be easier for me...but I guess my food issues override even that. Must deal with those!
Can't wait to get my strawberries!


  1. Food addictions are the same as alcoholism in that the food/alcohol takes precedence over everything else...everything, until a person is able to somehow get into "recovery". Love you girl. You are doing great, all things considered. Dad

  2. I was thinking the same thing a week or so ago Dad. I just have to get to that "recovery" mode myself. lol Thinking we will buy a juicer and start juicing once or more a day. John actually said he might consider it. wooohooo. that's something at least. love you back with all my heart. Going to Anchorage tomorrow, tues. to pick hair. hahaha

    1. doesn't the vitamix do the same thing?