Me and My Family

Me and My Family

02 May, 2012

Here we go again

I'm headed to Anchorage today for treatment. Just when I get on a role feeling good, I gotta go back. It's getting really old and tiring, not to mention frustrating. I hate feeling like crap for four days after. Actually thursday and Friday aren't too bad...I get tired easily, and my mouth is messed up, but Saturday is the worst. I am tired, weak, my mouth is raw, and gum or cough drops are all that make it feel better. Everything else is temporary relief for my mouth and long last grief for my hips.
All I want to do on Saturdays after a treatment is lay around. I don't even feel like reading....just laying there...maybe sleep, or not. It's pretty boring. For me and especially for my son. Bless his tiny beating heart! Sometimes he voluntarily slices me a banana and some strawberries (if we have them), and serves them to me, and sometimes he fills my water bottle with ice and water. So sweet. then there are times when he just wants me to get up and play, and doesn't totally understand why I can't/won't'.
I'm already looking forward to next week. Whew.....
Ct scan coming up on the 14th. Meet with Doctor on the 16th for results.

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