Me and My Family

Me and My Family

06 May, 2012

Who would've thought

Wow, I have been researching Juicing and juicers, pro's and con's, Juicing vs. smoothies...etc...There are SO many opinions, ideas, theories, recipes, etc... out there. It can get a bit overwhelming! I am looking forward to using juice as a base in some smoothies, or my soup. Mine will be a house with a juicer and blender. Even if one is better than the other, or not as good an option, both are better options than what I have been doing my whole life. So that in itself gives me hope. I only am worried about liking the juice. I don't want to gag it down day after day...I want something pleasant enough that I can pour it over ice and drink it down. I need to get ideas for making juices taste palatable. If anyone reading has ideas I am all for reading them.
We are looking forward to getting our juicer sometime this week. Then I will be off to get produce at the store. I will be wishing we lived somewhere warmer where we have access to more variety of fresh produce. oh well...we will do our best.
Ideas welcome.

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  1. You know how I catalog quotes? Well, I do that with recipes (sometimes), sewing tutorials, links on various subjects, etc. I catalogued a bunch of recipes from the internet when we got our Omega juicer (which is great, fyi --what did you pick?).

    I can't really attest to the flavor of many, though, since I got sick shortly thereafter. I do suggest buying green leaf stevia (as in, the ground leaf and not the processed, chemical-added stuff. One TINY pinch will add tons of sweetness when needed.

    Send me an email and I'll forward the document on.