Me and My Family

Me and My Family

05 May, 2012

my saturday blues

Hey! this post treatment Saturday is coming to a close. I can't wait. It was a relaxing day though. A friend came to get Damon for about 4 hours while john was out ATV'ing with a group of Adults from church. I was able to rest and read during that time. It was great!!!! The house was just nice and quiet. It isn't like that very often...and when it is I love to take advantage.
Dinner time was a little exciting...John walked into the kitchen to find our bearded dragon, Murphy roaming the floor. How in the world???? Apparently this morning while giving her water, I left the lid open about an inch, just enough for her to get through. don't know how she got to the floor, but am glad for three things,
1~she wasn't hurt
2~ I didn't step on her
3~ the dogs didn't find her first

I will be more careful in the future. Especially if my mom is around...that would not go over too well.
Now the big dogs are rough housing...running around, jumping each other, making noise. I think it might be time for me to go back to bed.
John and I ordered a juicer and are eagerly awaiting it's arrival. It shipped already yesterday so it should be here next week. (this week?).
Damon is up getting his room ready for bed. He had all kinds of toys on his bed, not conducive for sleeping in.
Tomorrow will be my first day at church with my new "hair". Should be interesting. I am sure I will get some looks. lol
Sweet dreams.

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