Me and My Family

Me and My Family

24 November, 2011

Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks!!!
My Husband
My Daughter
My Son
My Parents
My Brothers
My Pets
My Heavenly Father
My Savior
My Friends
My "other" health
My Church
My Scriptures
My Home
My Ability to get out of bed each morning.



19 November, 2011

What happened the them? uh hmmm... I mean us.

I am on Facebook way too much I admit. If I spent as much time exercising as I do on facebook, I would be skinny, and in good shape. Of course I have not yet mastered this technique. I'll work on that.

While on Facebook recently I noticed a friend of mine (who(m)? I graduated with from High school) had posted a bunch of pictures from the 25th class reunion of the Class of 86...woo hooo.

I started looking through the pictures and I have to admit there were some I did NOT recognize at all. Some I recognized but couldn't put a name to and some who I recognized immediately. My underlying thought though was, "what in the world happened to all of them?!" Then I groaned, got up, went into the bathroom, looked in the mirror, and there is was! Looking right back at me. REALITY! And so with a little dose of humility and a big helping of dissatisfaction I had to admit the same thing that had happened to them had also happened to me. What the Hay?!!!!

I started to wonder how many of them (all of whom were smiling ear to ear in all the pictures) were sick? How many of them have had to deal with grief yet? How many of them were not where they wanted to be in life? How many of them have had to or are currently fighting for their own life? How many of them have realized their dreams? How many of them are living the life they wanted, or thought they would? How many of them have ever left Wisconsin? How many of them haven't? How many of them still party likes its 1999? Or 1986? lol
How many?
Does it matter?
I don't know. I'll never know the answers to my questions because with the exception of my friend who posted the pictures, I really don't stay in touch with any of them. After all, I live in a foreign country as far as many of them are concerned. I probably have more in common with many of them now than I did in High School. I don't know though.
Well, it's all part of life. It seems reasonable that I am the age I am, but when I think of others being my age, or getting older I can't grasp it.
At the same time I sometimes feel like I haven't gotten older, only my kids are getting older. I just look different, don't have as much fun, am fatter, and less active than I was a long time ago. hahaha
All that goes on.
Love you all...thanks for reading.

16 November, 2011

Really?...can I get a break please?

My son, Damon has been sick this week. I am keeping him home this morning, but may be taking him to school later in the morning. His fever is gone, and he ate something finally and is drinking water.
At the end of yesterday I thought about ways to get him to stop talking. Seriously....he talks more than my daughter and stepdaughter combined!!!! I don't think I'm kidding....he talked all day yesterday. Even while coloring, or painting, listening to Christmas music,  or doing practice worksheets (his choice). Maybe that's why it's taking  so long for him to get better, he is expending all his energy talking rather than relaxing and recovering.
I sometimes feel like I want to plug in ear buds and play music to myself all day.
Bode, the pup is recovering from a biopsy he had. (no I don't have results yet).
Lincoln is due for bloodwork so I can keep him on his drugs for seizures.
John has some cold, I think it might just be an aversion to the cold weather and a good excuse to stay inside. Love you John!!! lol
Why on earth he insists on living here forever is beyond me.
Someday....I dream of being one of those "snowbirds". You know...we get to live here for the fabulous summers where days are so long and temps are reasonable and then in winter we get to go somewhere far away and warm.
I am going to keep dreaming.....and then take Damon to school.
love you all

12 November, 2011

Things to remember

~Even when I think I feel good (better), I need to REST.

~Just when I think I Should be feeling better, I need to REST.

~When I don't feel good, I need to REST.

~When there is too much going on around me, I need to REST.

~When I can't do something I should say No thank you! Then go REST.

~When I can't keep my voice from yelling every response, I need to REST.

~When I have time alone (hahaha) I need to REST.

~When I have a choice, I should REST.

To not rest when I should is doing damage to me and my family. It makes our quality time pretty much such.

~When my John tells me to go take a hot bath and REST, I should always take him up oon it.

Never turn down an opportunity to have a hot bath in the quiet space that is your bathroom.

Laundry, dishes, TV, bed making, errands, they will almost all wait for later.

So, I am off to go relax if I can, while I can.

02 November, 2011

More to share

Additional pictures of good times In Sept and Oct. during Dad's visit. That was a chilly day at the pumkin patch, it was a little windy and drizzling on us the whole time. Being the Alaskan's that we are (Dad is from Minnesota so knows about cold winters), we tuffed it out, muck boots, mittens, hats and all. Cold winters yes, but cold before Halloween is even here? blah. I dream about other people trick or treating in shorts and flip flops. I dream about being able to actually wear a costume without having to buy or make it 4 sizes too big in order to accomodate a winter coat and snow pants. 

Hay ride of sorts at pumkin patch

Nataly and Damon picking out pumkins

I dream.........She dreams....I wonder what of or for?

Damon after a day at the potato farm, digging his own!

A few highlights

Back at the end of Sept, beginning of Oct. my Dad was here for a visit. We had a really good time. We just mostly hung out together and visited. My Dad has been here many times and already seen much of the state. The purpose of this visit was to spend time together. We did! And it was nice. And we got some pictures.

Damon doing one of his chores.

Damon in the lobby of his school. Can you guess what the mascot is?

Damon and his wonderful teacher, Mrs Novak.

wrestling? hugging?

World renown pumkin patch in Palmer Alaska....surely I jest!!!!! hahaha

Dinner at Golden Corral with Grandpa's

Dad and I!

Dad, Kaili, Damon, me. walking....

My babies! Not such Babies anymore.