Me and My Family

Me and My Family

12 November, 2011

Things to remember

~Even when I think I feel good (better), I need to REST.

~Just when I think I Should be feeling better, I need to REST.

~When I don't feel good, I need to REST.

~When there is too much going on around me, I need to REST.

~When I can't do something I should say No thank you! Then go REST.

~When I can't keep my voice from yelling every response, I need to REST.

~When I have time alone (hahaha) I need to REST.

~When I have a choice, I should REST.

To not rest when I should is doing damage to me and my family. It makes our quality time pretty much such.

~When my John tells me to go take a hot bath and REST, I should always take him up oon it.

Never turn down an opportunity to have a hot bath in the quiet space that is your bathroom.

Laundry, dishes, TV, bed making, errands, they will almost all wait for later.

So, I am off to go relax if I can, while I can.


  1. comment on quality time should say sucks! at the end.

  2. Love it!! There is a restorative yoga workshop on Dec 17th from 2 til 4 and I would love if you can come- there will be lots of resting:)