Me and My Family

Me and My Family

16 November, 2011

Really?...can I get a break please?

My son, Damon has been sick this week. I am keeping him home this morning, but may be taking him to school later in the morning. His fever is gone, and he ate something finally and is drinking water.
At the end of yesterday I thought about ways to get him to stop talking. Seriously....he talks more than my daughter and stepdaughter combined!!!! I don't think I'm kidding....he talked all day yesterday. Even while coloring, or painting, listening to Christmas music,  or doing practice worksheets (his choice). Maybe that's why it's taking  so long for him to get better, he is expending all his energy talking rather than relaxing and recovering.
I sometimes feel like I want to plug in ear buds and play music to myself all day.
Bode, the pup is recovering from a biopsy he had. (no I don't have results yet).
Lincoln is due for bloodwork so I can keep him on his drugs for seizures.
John has some cold, I think it might just be an aversion to the cold weather and a good excuse to stay inside. Love you John!!! lol
Why on earth he insists on living here forever is beyond me.
Someday....I dream of being one of those "snowbirds". You know...we get to live here for the fabulous summers where days are so long and temps are reasonable and then in winter we get to go somewhere far away and warm.
I am going to keep dreaming.....and then take Damon to school.
love you all


  1. He is definitely a talker, that's for sure. Hope he's well enough to go to school today.
    Sounds like John's wimping out;-)
    Sneak some rest in at every opportunity.
    Love you,

  2. I'm married to a "talker", I can so relate to this post!! Most of my friends tell me I am so lucky to have a husband who talks to me. And, I am. But sometimes I just have to go into my home office and shut the door because it can be an over load of information.