Me and My Family

Me and My Family

02 November, 2011

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Additional pictures of good times In Sept and Oct. during Dad's visit. That was a chilly day at the pumkin patch, it was a little windy and drizzling on us the whole time. Being the Alaskan's that we are (Dad is from Minnesota so knows about cold winters), we tuffed it out, muck boots, mittens, hats and all. Cold winters yes, but cold before Halloween is even here? blah. I dream about other people trick or treating in shorts and flip flops. I dream about being able to actually wear a costume without having to buy or make it 4 sizes too big in order to accomodate a winter coat and snow pants. 

Hay ride of sorts at pumkin patch

Nataly and Damon picking out pumkins

I dream.........She dreams....I wonder what of or for?

Damon after a day at the potato farm, digging his own!

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  1. I love digging potatoes. It's like a treasure hunt.
    Nice pictures!