Me and My Family

Me and My Family

02 November, 2011

A few highlights

Back at the end of Sept, beginning of Oct. my Dad was here for a visit. We had a really good time. We just mostly hung out together and visited. My Dad has been here many times and already seen much of the state. The purpose of this visit was to spend time together. We did! And it was nice. And we got some pictures.

Damon doing one of his chores.

Damon in the lobby of his school. Can you guess what the mascot is?

Damon and his wonderful teacher, Mrs Novak.

wrestling? hugging?

World renown pumkin patch in Palmer Alaska....surely I jest!!!!! hahaha

Dinner at Golden Corral with Grandpa's

Dad and I!

Dad, Kaili, Damon, me. walking....

My babies! Not such Babies anymore.

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