Me and My Family

Me and My Family

08 September, 2011

Round #2

It has been a GREAT break, but I will be starting round #2 of Chemo Monday. We met with the Doc. Things are progressing the same as they have been, slow and steady.
We would rather not wait until slow and steady turns into Fast and spreading so we (as in John and I) made the decision to go ahead and nip it in the butt. I am not looking forward to giving up my smoothies...can't tolerate cold stuff, and cold water.
It looks like I will be on veggie soup, miso soup, and salad diet now for the duration. At least I know that once Chemo stops, it won't take long for the cold sensitivity to wear off. The Doc thinks I shouldn't have to go 7 straight months again this time last round #1. I can probably do like 3 months, take a short break, and do a few more months and keep track of everything via CT scans.
So, one good thing is I will have the day of infusion to catch up on reading, and napping!!! lol
And at least this time I won't be scared like I was the first time I ever went to Chemo. I know the nurses, I know what to expect, and I am prepared.


  1. I feel so without words. But, miracles happen everyday and I am counting on one for you and all who love you.

  2. Love and Light coming your way through Gods love and prayers. Jenny Taylor and family

  3. Hey, I'll be able to nap with you during one of the sessions:) Will you be able to disconnect closer to home this time? That would be nice.
    I agree with your mom, miracles happen every day.
    Love you so much Dani.

  4. I hate that you're having to go through chemo again, but I'm glad that the cancer is slooooow going. Is it too much to hope that this round will kick it in the ... ?