Me and My Family

Me and My Family

06 September, 2011

who can take a nap...

Grrr....It's my own fault. I've been trying to take a quick 45 minute nap. Damon is at school and Ava didn't come today. I couldn't mow cus I found the mower empty!
I layed down, the dogs were right next to me, all was calm and quiet. Alas! I start to drift off in my cacoon under the blanket where it's cozy warm and I feel it. My bladder. It's full. Didn't I JUST go? I thought so.
But wait, I drank a ton of water this morning to go with the tall jug of contrast I also had to drink at 10.
Yikes. Nap is over! After getting up twice, I might as well just forget it. So here I am blogging about it instead. Nap sweet Nap. You will have to wait.
Even a whole day to ones self isn't enough when said ones self has so much she wants and needs to do and get done.
Oh well....Another day!
Ct scan is this afternoon, Doc appt tomorrow. Nerves couldn't possibly have anything to do with interfering with my nap, or not knowing what to do with my time alone. Time alone, anyway, what's up with that? It happens so rarely of course I don't know what to do with it.
Oh yeah, so the Doc see's me tomorrow and yes I am nervous, but then I always am. I feel that if there is bad news, like it's not already, it's all my fault for being such a CHEATER on my diet this last month and a half.
With everyone gone though, it has improved tremendously. I don't have the cravings I did, I'm not snacking like I was, I can go back to buying just my produce and the things Damon and John like, and nothing extra if I don't want. It was psychological I am sure. It was like the day Kaili arrived I was in the pantry every 30 minutes looking for something, the day she left, I couldn't have cared less (well almost). lol
Sorry, it's not your fault Kaili, just some psychological trigger for me. Gotta work on that.
So, every day I will make it better. Produce produce produce.

An exerpt from a book I am reading:

"As we are not plants, we do not carry out photosynthesis and therefore do not produce any of our own antioxidants. Fortunately  the anitoxidants in plants work in our bodies the same way they work in plants. It is a wonderful harmony. The plants make the antioxidant shields, and at the same time make them look incredibly appealing with beautiful, appetizing colors. Then we animals, in turn, are attracted to the plants and eat them and borrow their antioxidant shields for our own health. Whether you believe in God, evolution or just coincidence, you must admit that this is a beautiful, almost spiritual, example of natures wisdom."
pg 93 The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, PhD and Thomas m. Campbell II, MD

Now to follow up with that, from the scriptures, because I do believe in God,

Genesis 1:29

"And God said, "behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yeilding seed; to you it shall be for meat."
In other words we should be eating a plant based diet as much as possible. yes? yes! The "meat" of our diet should be plants, fruits, veggies, nuts, beans, seeds.
Ok. moving right along. A few pictures from the weekend. love and blessings to you! Dani
Hiking up the Butte! This is just the beginning.

At the top! Pioneer Peak in the background. We R NOT doing that one. lol

Knik glacier in the background here.

Not exactly the smiles I was hoping for. lol

That's better.

Labor day drive to Talkeetna.

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