Me and My Family

Me and My Family

02 September, 2011

This could change things

Oh my Gosh!

I can't believe I did this. I forgot to pick up my contrast drink for the CT scan and they aren't open again until the morning of.

What a dork. I kept telling myself all week as I would prepare to run errands, "now don't forget to stop and get that yummy stuff to drink."

It's SO dang yummy that I kept not going to get it. then this afternoon John told me he would go get it. I asked if that would be now, or later. Later meaning not at all. I should have left him home alone with Damon and All three dogs and the baby girl I watch to just go get it.

Now I am mentally slapping us both! Plan B is to call them first thing Tuesday and see if there is something I can take that is fast acting. I imagine they might just reschedule me for afternoon, then I can get the drink, start it in the morning and be good to go by afternoon. The only glitch is by the time I meet with the Doc on Wednesday she will only have a preliminary report, not the full written one. Oh well. If she can at least discern what is going on and what might need to be done, then I am game.

It's just, do I really need this added stress through the long weekend? Oh, I can just hear some of you now....(dad) of course I do! lol

Of course you would think that. And maybe I do. Keeps me on my toes, but not really. If I was on my toes I wouldn't have put this off until Friday afternoon.

I got some new wonderful books.
"The China Study"~ Research revealing the implications for diet, weightloss and long term health.
"A life in balance" ~ a cookbook for a macrobiotic way of life by Meg Wolff
"Becoming Whole" ~ Meg Wolffs story of her full and complete recovery from Breast cancer.
All about how diet plays a role, and not a little one, in our health.  I am so into these books these days, all novels have been shelved for now. Sorry mom, but I will get to The Help soon. Thank you also for these wonderful books I am already them all.
I haven't started the book yet...still thinking...and planning in my head, which as evidenced by this last week is not a good idea. I really need to be writing these things down!

Writing, and making sure to remember things that are best remembered could change things. you think?!


  1. I have nothing to say:) Except...I love you very much. You'll work it out. Dad

  2. Danielle ~ you cannot change that you didn't pick up the contrast. Put that thought on the shelf with the novels you aren't reading and enjoy the rest of your weekend!!! You can always pick up the worry first thing Tuesday morning, right? Maybe this would be a good time to start reading The Help.

    Sign me .... the voice of reason.

  3. Yes, sweetie, don't forget to have some fun - do some things that give you joy. I used to (and still do) read the "important books, journals, etc" during the day and go to sleep with something fun. Try it, you'll like it!
    I love you, mom

  4. Hey, the reason I said in the last comment that I have nothing to say is because"who am I to say anything?" I'm the one that has my cell set to remind me each morning (and the computer is set too) to take my morning meds because without that I forget sometimes:)) Dad