Me and My Family

Me and My Family

31 August, 2011

I guess that's it.

        I guess that's it for summer. We returned from a trip to Fairbanks and went through a snow "storm". It was actually sticking to the ground. Not what we wanted to see. Back home the mountain tops were dusted with the cold wet white stuff. Of course it melted, but's a sign.

The berries have been picked. That is a sure sign that summer is ending...blueberries are ready. It's time to pick, wash, freeze, and then bake later when it's snowing and cold out.

The carrots are being harvested from the garden! Doesn't that look yummy?
It is yumm. So sweet and crunchy. My first homegrown carrots ever. And I am delighted to share them with this sweet little girl! The greens were being shared with the puppy though you can't see that in here. 
Family came to visit and left already. We had lots of company this summer. So sad to see them go.

Laughs were had,
Trouble was made,
hugs were given,
trees were cut down,
the house was full,
though it was stressful,
it was sooooo worth it.
So good to see family, friends, pick berries, and even see snow.

Now my son is going to Kindergarten and riding the bus.
 I am beginning to wonder if I now have TOO much time on my hands.
Or should I say mind?
Not having him around talking all day, getting into everything, gives my mind down time to think about all the things I haven't been thinking about,
or have been avoiding thinking about,
or don't want to think about.
Maybe that is why I thrive on's keeps my mind out of the places I don't want it to be.
Believe me when I say it though, chaos is not gone from my day, there is always plenty to go around. I'd be happy to share some.
Now come on, I know I can't possibly be the only one out there who has chaos on their life.  Can I? Yea, I know I'm not! I knew it.
I am thinking about writing a book about "bad germs" for kids. It's very difficult to think about how I would approach it, because for me, that's the only way I have described my Cancer to Damon so far. How do you define Cancer to a 5 yr old without scaring the spunk out of them? Hmmm? Suggestions? I guess as long as we are "managing" my illness that is the only way I will define it to him, as "bad germs", really bad ones.
But, back to a book....If I ever really get around to it, I will need an illustrator, and publisher. Suggestions again....?
Blessings to you!!!!


  1. What a great blog! And great pictures! Thank you for sharing.
    I love you, Mom

  2. Great pictures Dani! Your carrots look awesome! I didn't get mine in soon enough this year to develop into much, although we've been getting lots of broccoli! I think a book is a great idea. It will be neat to see what you come up with. How has Kindergarten been going for Damon and you? I'm sorry you had to make such a difficult decision, but proud of you for letting go of your dream to do what is best for now.(and remembering it is for now and doesn't have to be permanent) Thinking of you and hang in there,

  3. It looks like it was a pretty drive home from Fairbanks, at least. Isn't it a good feeling to eat food that you planted and nurtured? Not to say we do it here though.
    I certainly hope we can eat blueberries before the snow flies. Hopefully I won't witness that.
    So, is the inference that you didn't thrive on chaos until after you were diagnosed? Sorry, none of us believe that:)) Love you very much, Dad

  4. Love the photos, Danielle! Gosh, your brother never gets older. What's up with that????

    I just went back to work last week. After all the summer outings winding down, I found myself wandering aimlessly around the house.

    I think you should just "DO IT" regarding the book, start today! Seriously!!