Me and My Family

Me and My Family

28 August, 2011

Evidence of the end of summer season

Today I said goodbye to my Kaili girl. She had to return to Fairbanks for another year in college.

Tomorrow I say goodbye to my son Damon (for the day anyway, and each school day of the week) as he starts kindergarten.

Tuesday I might be feeling better about all of this.

Or not.

Who knows.

All I know right now is both my kids are excited to be off on their adventures. I should just be HAPPY and sigh...Lord knows me best and how much I have always loved loved loved a good adventure out on my own.

I will be grateful that my two kiddos take after me in that way!

I have good things to look forward to though and that helps tremendously.

My dad is visiting at the end of Sept at which time Kaili says she may come for a weekend. yay!

Two for one.

And before I know it, it will be Christmas break. Yikes.

For now though I will deal with today and tomorrow, and this week. One day at a time, but Keep Moving Forward.


  1. I know you will work through this feeling you're having about school. And don't you dare start feeling inadequate!! A person can only handle so many things at once, and God knows, you've got plenty. You are a great mother and will continue to be. Love you, Dad

  2. Your dad said it all!!!! Love you forever, mom

  3. I'm going back to work today. I only wish I was as excited as your kiddos! I am excited about doing something different and I really like the woman I interviewed with so I have a good feeling about it. I look forward to your posts, Dani! Keep writing!! love, susan