Me and My Family

Me and My Family

01 August, 2011


Had a short but very sweet visit with a great friend today. I hadn't realized how much I missed this friend during the 5 years I was away from the Anchorage area until coming back and spending time with her again.
This friend of mine is continuously amazed at what she perceives as my "'positive attitude" about my cancer. She is always asking me how I could possibly still be obsessed with my weight, or concerned with things my husband "doesn't" do, or worrying about cheating on my diet, such as it is.
We talked about these things today, and she helped me to put things in perpective. She has been through a fair amount of her own personal trials and has learned much from them...learned things that help her to move on, keep moving forward, keep a smile on her face, and find humor in every day.
Funny she see's me this way now...when I met her that is how I saw her...always happy, always cheerful, full of spunk, like nothing could get her down or hold her back. Boy...I didn't know her so well then. It helps me...not knowing others suffer, but knowing that we ALL have things to work through no matter how we appear to others, on the outside. We ALL have demons, faults, fears, weaknesses, trials, struggles, and challenges. We ALL handle them differently.
My friend had some wonderfully intuitive words of wisdom for me today. I am going to do my best to take them to heart and do something to apply them to my daily life so that What people see when they are around me is the true me. I'm going to tap into my inner strength to accept my weaknesses and fears. I will draw on my faith to help me, and the strength of others until I feel stronger.
Thank you Susan K...thank you SO much for letting me into your home, heart, and sharing your friendship with me. Love you and your family.


  1. Perspective. It's a funny thing, isn't it?

  2. Love you too-lady!!! It's funny how we can appear much stronger than we feel on the inside- we will keep on working on making our insides match what others see on the outside- the good things anyway:)

  3. How I loved being with you and your little boy last week and weekend! And then to have you and your brother together was a special bonus - icing on the cake! How differently I see life as I watch helplessly while it wreaks it's havoc on my girl! I love you so very much and would gladly trade places with you so you wouldn't have to worry and struggle and wonder. And still I see you living with joy. What a courageous example you set for all of us.