Me and My Family

Me and My Family

01 February, 2012

Human (normal) again

After this last treatment I finally feel human again. Today has been rather normal. I got up and walked on the treadmill, showered, then got Damon ready for school, ran errands, and so normal people do any day of the week.
Of course when I was a teenager I rebelled against "normal". Just ask anyone in my family! My motto was "why be normal?" I didn't see any sense in it! I had no use for it. I shunned it. I did all I could to turn my back on it. Normal? Who needs it right? Normal was boring, tiring, lame.

Well, now adays I look for normal. I crave normal. Wow, funny how a word starts to sound really weird after using it so often. normal normal normal normal etc....I think I forgot what it even means now and what I was getting at by using this word.

oh yea, I want to be normal. Like I was way back when, when I wasn't really normal, but I was.
Wow, have I lost you all yet? I lost myself back on paragraph two. let's see......................oh, teenagers, there's nothing normal about them. lol I didn't need to try so hard NOT to be normal...if only I'd known then what I know now. I probably wasted a lot of energy.

Energy...I am getting that back today too. Normal Energy! hmmmph.
My poor family suffered through the weekend with me. They are such troopers. I was SO cranky on Saturday, it was so not normal around the house. Or was it normal? Normal for every other Saturday. yep, that's the NEW Normal!

I have to redefine that word for my life now. workin on it. every day. every hour. that and about a Kazillion other things.

this is normal. Damon playing in wet grass with his dump truck.

Or contimplating the sand on the beach at "Pasagshak" in Kodiak. I miss those days.

I had energy to watch John fish, play with Damon, build a fire and I could eat hot dogs. lol
To all who look for grateful for it.


  1. It's all relative....normal that is.
    BTW, you're also a trooper and I love you.

  2. I remember those days! And oh how you reveled in being YOU! And how I loved you then and how that love has grown and grown until i think that surely i will burst with it. But each chapter of your life brings even more to cherish and oh, how I do!

  3. I LOVE remembering the Lake...Painting rocks.. catchin toads and playing King of the innertube! Granted.. I didn't play with you like I did with "Lil" Dan... I still remember! And.. I LOVE you!

    1. You were littler.. ya know...Is what I meant :)