Me and My Family

Me and My Family

16 February, 2012

sleepless nights

This is where John and I sleep now. It's a KING! And I have all new pillows thanks to my mom!!! thank you for the birthday pillows. Now I can sit up in bed and read to DAmon, and to myself. I can roll over from my spot to the middle. I don't have to roll in the same spot. (John still hugs his edge, so that works out for me!!!)
Ari on the other hand, thinks now she is queen of getting to sleep in the bed. I haven't yet decided how much energy to exert pushing her off repeatedly! I like to spread my legs our without running into any obstacles. I got flannel sheets from Costco, they are heavenly.
All this and  you would think I would not be having anymore sleepless nights right?
Well it's not that my whole night is sleepless. It's just that my sleep gets interrupted repeatedly, and not just because of ARI.
I check on Damon.
I go to the bathroom.
I check on Damon
I go to the bathroom.
I get a drink.
I lay with Damon, thus loosing at least an hour in my own bed.
I take the dogs out.
I listen to John's CPAP machine.
I worry about Bode's aggression with ARi.
I worry about my next treatment.
I go to the bathroom.
I worry about my family.
I get a headache.
And the worst nights always seem to be the ones I take a sleep aid...then I am up and down more.
Crazy how that works.

So, for those of  you not on my facebook, and who I might not have emailed, I am trying to win tickets to dierks bentley concert. Please.......
go to Kash1075
click on dierks
click on view photos and vote
my two photos are of Damon with fish. titled "me and my dollies" and "fishin with dad". you can vote once a day, every day. The rating system is rating the photo. 5 being the best. Please vote 5 on each photo, each day if you can remember.
I really want to go to this concert and winning the tickets would be GREAT fun.
Thanks for reading, Thanks for loving, Thanks for praying, Thanks for positive thoughts, Thanks for supporting me and my family, Thanks for being you.
Blessings to you!!!!!


  1. I voted: )
    Between you and Vicky I don't know who loses the most sleep.

  2. Me too - I voted, but I didn't know the numbers were a rating system, so didn't do so good today! But I will do better tomorrow and every day thereafter! I hope you win!
    Sleepless isn't so bad if you can grab a little nap - makes the naps more mmmmmmmmmm!
    I love you with all my heart forever, Mom