Me and My Family

Me and My Family

10 May, 2012

Hi, my name is Danielle and......

Hi, My name is Danielle and I am a foodaholic! I eat food for pleasure, for stress, because of boredom, when I am hungry, when I am not, when I think I am hungry.
I eat food that is heavy laden with sugar, carbs, starch, chocolate, yumminess, flavor.
I eat food that is greasy, salty, chocolaty, sugary, frosted, or not.
I am here to confess my addiction and stop it as of right now. Even though eating like this has been done in more moderation than usual in the last months...(most days), I still have the addiction. I have emotional ties to food I don't understand.
They are bigger than me, complicated I am sure, and so very frustrating for me. As of now I am trying very very hard to eat fresh, living food, with the occasional whole grain thrown in. I am going to increase my intake of water.
I am like an alcoholic, or drug addict. I have what feels like uncontrollable urges to partake in my drug of choice which is food. I don't need anyone to twist my arm, I don't need any excuse. I tell myself with every bite, "this will be the last one and then I will change". I will say that everyday forever if I don't get control now!
Now, if you are of my faith and don't know me well don't be shocked by what I say next.
Giving up alcohol and tobacco were so much easier for me. In fact that was easy peasy compared to what I have to now do. Of course I was never really addicted to tobacco. That was take it or leave it. I only did it to relieve stress or feel cool. I never felt, oh I need one.
Alcohol was a little different. I could give it up when need be, like when I was pregnant...I didn't drink at all. Otherwise, I didn't see any reason not to. I didn't see any situation I shouldn't be able to.
Still, it never was the same as food. FOOD is the one thing I feel out of control with. Maybe that's why I like to have control over so many other things in my life.
So, I do believe I will have slips, but I am going to try harder than ever to eat right, give up that crap and be healthier. Maybe then after some time I can relinquish control over some of the other things I hold so hard to in my life. Time will tell.
I will post again. Thinking I should create a group for eaters anonymous. lol


  1. as i read your blog i am muching on red twizzlers, i dont really like them that much but my hubby got them out and so i eat with him, who knows why, Food is pushed at us from everywhere its almost like we are brain washed to want to eat all the time, we celebrate every holiday or fun day or any day with food, meet to go out to lunch or dinner, why not meet to go for a walk or something else, hang in there it took a while to get addicted it will probably take a while to get un addicted, keep trying your not alone.

  2. Terri, Thank you!!!! It's true this has been years in the making. And I agree, get together for a walk, yoga, a book club, Today after the cannery John wanted to reward Damon with McDonalds, I said no...why with food? lets got home and eat lunch at home. then I have more control over it. lol