Me and My Family

Me and My Family

29 April, 2012

Forgive me

Forgive me for not writing in such a long time. I was sick for awhile, then sick some more, then just plain discouraged.
I got sick with a cold of some an ear infection, ear pain continued in non-infected ear, got treatment when I shouldn't have because my white blood counts were way down. I had to take a shot of nulasta to up the counts. The shot itself didn't hurt, it was a few days later that my whole body ached....really bad. And the ache lasted for several days. So uncomfortable. It also happened to be Easter weekend and I ended up feeling lousy East Sunday. My poor boy Damon was a bit disappointed that I spent so much of that day on the couch.
After all that, I just didn't feel like writing.
for awhile.
So now here I am writing again. I have been reading my friend Amy's blog about her and her family's experience with a juice fast. It's been an amazing journey for them and for me to read. They suggested watching the video "Fat, Sick, And NEarly Dead" on netflix or hulu. It took me the whole first half of THEIR fast for me to get to watching it.
I watched it last night with Damon...who fell asleep one third of the way through it. It proved to be very interesting. While I am not sure that juicing full time for any length of time is right for me, I do feel more motivated to get back on track with my own diet. And I don't mean "diet" as in weight watchers. I mean diet as in what I eat. One year ago I was doing really well on smoothies, leaving behind dairy, meat, and most sugar. I lost 10 lbs promptly. Then summer hit and s'mores, cookouts, and soda were all around me. It was so hard. I held fast for awhile, then slowly over time started having a bite of this, a bite of that, a piece of birthday cake, a sip of soda. Before I knew it I was struggling to get back on track with my desire to eat only plant based foods, in other words being a Vegan.
Today I am a bad Vegan. I eat chocolate, take bites of Damon's pizza, his yogurt, and even ate a burger once from the dreaded McDonalds. I can't believe I just wrote that.!!!! Please don't tell anyone. lol
Chocolate isn't necessarily not vegan, but if I am giving up sugar then it is bad for me.
It's all the more difficult when I am the ONLY one in my household willing to eat the way I know I need to. Even Damon used to eat salads a lot more than he does today. I was doing so well encouraging him and watching him join me to a certain degree in my new lifestyle. Slowly but surely I started letting him go back to certain foods because it was easier than arguing. And during the long hard winter we had, it was, frankly, comforting.
So, now that I have been reading and following my friend Amy's journey and finally watched "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" I feel a renewed commitment and desire to do what I know is right. Today I had two large smoothies made with spinach, kale, cucumber, carrot, blueberries, and strawberries. For dinner I had cauliflower mixed with some quinoa. I feel full but not bloated. Just satisfied. I remember when I got cravings last spring I would go to bed and read so I wouldn't be near the kitchen. I may have to return to that. Also now that it's light so late, I could take late evening walks with my dog to get out, and get moving at the same time.
So, here is to getting back on track!!!!! One Day at a time, but lets make each one count.
Each one is so precious!


  1. Dani, I can definitely relate to the "eating right" thing. Being diabetic I am supposed to eat a certain way but it is so hard to not allow temptations to creep in. why is it that the "bad" foods are soooo good? the thing I am most able to be consistent with is exercising. I'm good about that but not so good with the food. Hang in're doing great. Love you, Dad