Me and My Family

Me and My Family

16 March, 2012

just sitting

I am currently sitting in the large beanbag we have out in the garage. It's Damon's Ultimate Sak. I am watching while Bode walks on the treadmill. Well I guess I am not really watching cuz I am writing. But alas, I AM sitting. I should be the one on the treadmill but was thinking more along the lines of a walking video. the dogs really need the treadmill or else they wreak havoc in the house all day rough housing. I really can't have that. With little Ava walking around and Damon adding to the fray by teasing it could easily get out of control. It does somedays. If I have things to keep me occupied while the dogs walk, then it's not so bad lounging around in the garage while they do. Ava sits in her little chair and I lay or sit on the bean bag, and Damon plays with our stuff...pieces of wood, food, tools, etc.....Sometimes the garage becomes a store and I have to buy food, that's already been purchased by me, from Damon.
It's all good. Ava gets a snack, Damon gets to play, the dogs get their exercise, and I get to watch it all. Or play around on the computer or iPad.
Now it's almost lunchtime so when the dogs are done we will have lunch, then naps. Or quiet time.
I'm feeling a little better today than I was yesterday. One day at a time.
Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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