Me and My Family

Me and My Family

25 January, 2014

Down to the wire

Well, it's down to the wire. I leave tonight/tomorrow morning. Before my church friends even get to church tomorrow I will be in San Diego!
That is barring any difficulties on the way...I don't anticipate any trouble though.
I have been way too busy this week to be nervous or even excited. I just know I am anxious to get there  as I don't feel good and I want them to start infusing me with the good stuff and giving me a fever. hahaha
I can't speak for Kaili, John, or my mom, but I know Damon and I are tense and stressed out. Bless his heart, he was SO tired last night he fell almost right to sleep and has been sleeping since. He so needed that.
Me however, well I was up in the night with a tummy ache, took a hot bath, crawled back into bed and had one particularly white lump of a dog leaning against me (immovable) for the rest of the morning. Makes it hard to roll over or stretch or anything. She might be petite compared to other labs, but she is not light, especially when sleeping. And she is rather pushy!
Then I got up and took the dogs outside and the pulled me right off the porch sideways, thank goodness I retained my footing...if I had fallen it would have been into a puddle of pee water and mushy, poopy grass.
I cried.
Like a baby.
I did.
Then stood there while they took care of business (me back on the porch appearing to be in control), crying and imagining all the places I could take them and leave them, FOREVER. I need small dogs who can't pull like that. Or no dogs who don't poo like they do. Or a fence around part of the yard so I don't have to stand there being pulled by dogs on leashes, into pee and poo infested puddles that form when there is rain and warm temps in Alaska in January!!!!!!
Enough about the dogs.
I still have a lot to do before leaving but I think I can get it all done today. I better.
IF not, it just won't be done, and I will have to let it go.
I will update when I get settled in.

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