Me and My Family

Me and My Family

18 January, 2014

It's becoming real

Fundraising efforts are underway, ideas are rolling and people are stepping up to help. In many ways besides just fundraising. 
I am feeling so very Blessed today! Despite my aching back, my painful spots in abdominal area, I know I am truly blessed. There are not just good people out there, but GREAT people. Humble, charitable, generous people. I am thinking of the Widows Mite right now, even though she had virtually nothing, she gave all she had. 
Heavenly Father is working in my life now and always, and I am so grateful for his love, sacrifice, and support of me. 
A few sites to go to if you want to read about where I am going: (click on Integrative Whole Health)

This next one I just found, and Marla Manhart is the woman I have been speaking with to coordinate my stay. It's worth reading.

So if you are wanting to read more about what I am doing and why, visit these sites. 
Have a Blessed weekend. 

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