Me and My Family

Me and My Family

28 January, 2014

Extracorporeal Photopheresis

I have had a busy day.
Started with a full body physical exam by the doc. Not a favorite thing of mine to get done. Well, it's out of the way now!
Then breakfast. After breakfast I went downstairs to get hyperbaric Oxygen therapy. You'll have to google that one. But it's a little "capsule" I climb in and they zip it closed. The material is comparable to what an inflatable boat is made of. There is a little plastic window above my face so I can see the ceiling...woo hoo.
Then it starts to inflate, I had about enough room in there to bend my knees up while laying on my back. I stay in for 1 hour.
After that the nurse started my daily IV full of Vit. C and laetrile and amino acids, and all sorts of other good stuff. While getting that I read, had lunch, and started the Photopheresis. The IV takes about 4 1/2 hours.
I get the photopheresis again next week and then from that they will create a vaccine for me...I will come home with a 6 months supply of that to inject myself with each week. Yay for me that I am not afraid of needles.
So, now relaxing and writing. I am getting a smoothie soon. Ra`mon, my favorite cook is here and he is making it for me. I wish I spoke Spanish! More than Si, and Por Favor, and little things like that.
Thank you to all who are supporting me and my family! WE love you.

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  1. What happened to all that Spanish you learned in high school - and that Granny shared with you? :)