Me and My Family

Me and My Family

30 January, 2014

more for my soul

Yesterday was long......
I had hydro2010 spa massage, which is heat therapy and lymphatic massage at the same time. Lay on a covered table (at a slight angle), they pull a hardshell cover over me, except for my head. Then the table starts vibrating quickly and the inside starts to warm up. I lay there for an hour and it felt so good I fell asleep.
That was so nice.
Then the highlight of my day...later I was sitting outside and the hummingbird was in the tree, I could hear it. As I swung my squinting gaze up, he flew out of the tree right towards me, passed me, and over to a bush with one lone flower on it. So I got to see him in action for just a few seconds before his/her fast moving, almost impatient body took off again in flight. I smiled and remembered fondly all the days of spring I would sit on the porch in Ketchikan and the hummingbirds would come and go repeatedly. I was able to get so many great pictures then.
Later the Doctor came outside to say hi and see how I was doing. I told him honestly that I was homesick, but I was ok. He is finding out today if anyone is coming next week. One person who was coming, cancelled, but there are two other possibilities. He said then I would have someone to visit with.
What I would like is a puzzle to work on. I might suggest the have a table in the living room somewhere with a puzzle for people to work on. It would bring people like me out of their rooms more. In the meantime, I will enjoy books on my kindle, time on the patio when I can and resting.
Today,.....Hyperthermia again. I will make it 2 hours this time....I promised Christian, the nurse, and my self of course.
Doesn't look like a day to sit on patio, so far it is very foggy outside.
Updates later.
love and blessings to all.


  1. We miss you Dani! I find myself hauntng my face book more than usual looking for news from you. The facility where you are sounds quite enjoyable despite its purpose. Can you share a mailing address?
    Hugs from me! Jenni Weed

  2. So good to read your updates. You can do it, girl!! Love and miss you. - Sister Ashbrook

  3. hope you are enjoying the warmer weather. we are experiencing a very cold stretch that just won't give up. each day i think maybe the last day in the 7 day forecast will show some relief.....but no!!!!