Me and My Family

Me and My Family

27 January, 2014

joy to the soul

I got a chance to sit outside today on the back patio/yard. The sun felt SO good and then as I was sitting there reading/relaxing I could hear a hummingbird. I kept looking up in the tree and couldn't see it. Then by chance, one time I looked over at the same time that little beauty was coming in for a landing. I got to watch it there in the tree for about a minute before it took off again. Wish I had binoculars. 
Feeling the sun and hearing as well as seeing that hummingbird did bring joy to my soul and heart today. 
I have been feeling lonely and homesick. Everyone I left behind has all that is familiar with them, I have everything unfamiliar. With two exceptions. My homemade quilt from my dear friend Audrey, and Damon's "bear bear". It's really our "bear bear". We share him, always have. 
When I got here and opened my suitcase I was delighted to discover that Damon and Kaili had made a card for me telling me how much they already missed me and how much they love me. What a wonderful surprise. I have that sitting up on a table in my room. 
Today I had my first Hyperthermia treatment. 
What is that you might ask. 
It's when they raise your core body temp to 108. 
It is supposed to kill cancer cells. I guess they can't take the heat. 
Now I will tell you what it was like. 
Imagine laying in the sun when it's about 85. That's warm after awhile right? Now imagine laying in the sun when it's 85 and you have a sheet and blanket or two on you from the neck down. Add to that you are all encased to keep the warmth in ( I thought of it like my lizards all around to retain heat, and screen on top for ventilation). My face was protected by a cloth as the lights are bright, and the nurse had access to my face so he could wipe the sweat off every now and then. I made it about 1 hour and 40 minutes. next time I have to go 2 hours. Both my arms fell asleep and I got really sore laying there on my back for so long. I also thought of it like sitting in my sauna all wrapped in blankets. 
Both days now I have had the infusion with high doses of Vitamin C and Laetrile, and many other good and healthy things in it. That takes about 4-5 hours. It doesn't make me feel sick or anything, I just have to be hooked up to the IV pole and run to the bathroom often. So it's a little confining. But what's a little confinement now if it gives me much freedom later? I'll take it. 
Tomorrow afternoon I will get my blood taken, run through a machine, I think to sort out the white blood cells, from which they will make a vaccine for me. I will explain this more tomorrow night after I get explanation from the tech who is doing it. Or the Doc, who's English is easier to understand. 
Have a safe week everyone. 
Thank you to you all. 


  1. Wow! This all sounds so awesome!!! Now I'm even more excited for you. You are strong, you've been through worse, just stick with it. When you're 108º (I can't even imagine that!), think about how cold you were riding your bike back in February in Kodiak. Think about riding again with Damon, once all that heat kills off the cancer cells. Do you have some crocheting or knitting to do while you're being infused? Really, really excited about your treatment, Dani. Enjoy that sunshine!

  2. Sounds like a hot box and not very pleasant, but if that's what it takes, then GO DANI! You're not alone down there, you know. There are a hundred hearts with you during this trial. Keep us posted!

  3. 1 hour 40 minutes! That's amazing!!!!! Take your mind to Michigan where my daughter-in-law says the windchill is -31 degrees.

    I hope every last cancer cell meets its death!

    I hope you'll make friends with the care providers there ... they must know how hard it is for people to be there alone. Just let them in on it!

    Can't wait to hear another update!!!