Me and My Family

Me and My Family

02 November, 2010

Happy Halloween


Ironman didn't feel much like wearing his helmet. He would rather wear googly eyes.

But he still made a handsome Ironman!!! And a strong one. wooo hooo
I was feeling okay this day, tired, and my muscles hurt, but otherwise I felt good. Littleman had a lot of fun at the halloween carnival that was held at Raven Hall on the fair grounds. He played games and collected candy.

We stayed until it was just too crowded to get a breath. We didn't have trick or treaters Saturday night, but Sunday night we had a lot.

Just before dark the small kids came out with their parents, toddlers in tow, babies in cow costumes, older siblings helping younger ones. The doorbell would ring, we would sit back down, the doorbell would ring again. John took Damon out to a few houses...they didn't last but 30 minutes. It was cold and windy out. The wind is what was the stopper.

After dark, the big kids started ringing the bell and I started letting Damon...Littleman hand out candy. He was making the big kids real happy...handing out handfuls at a time.

Finally about 9pm we ran out of candy, turned off the lights and watched a movie. Time to relax...I needed that. One more year down! Littleman is already planning for next years costume. Hmmm....wonder what we will be. I mean what he will be.

I was thinking the Tinman, Scarecrow, and the lion from Wizard of Oz. ?? lol

It doesn't really matter to me, I am already thinking about Thanksgiving. My FAVORITE holiday of the year.

Time to plan my menu and recipes. I will be on day 4 or 5 of treatment so may not be feeling too great, but I am going to make the best of it.

It will be good to have family and friends in my home.
Blessings to all of you!!!!!

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