Me and My Family

Me and My Family

05 November, 2010

We made it

That tiny Bearded Dragon made it through the night. I was sooo worried he would get too cold. But I guess they tolerate cooler temps at night. When morning came he let me know when he was ready for the basking light! So cute.

He took only about 1 minute to devour three baby crickets for his meal this morning. Damon observed and laughed, stating out loud how neat that was to watch him eat those "bugs".

Today was a good day. We made a trip to the dump, then to the Salvation Army to drop off a bunch of stuff. We are trying to get the garage cleaned out and organized so we can finish unpacking, and of course feel like we are organized. Tomorrow is a community food drive, so I have a box packed for that.

On the way through the parking lot at Home Depot, Littleman decided he could run all alone without holding hands. He made it about two feet, and fell on both knees and hands. There was gravel covering every square inch and he slid forward like he was sliding into home plate. Then he stood and immediately started screaming and shaking his leg. Dad picked him up and thats when we noticed his palm. He then screamed louder till my ears were on fire. He pressed his hand onto my sweatshirt, leaving a splotch of bright red blood for me to worry about later.
We happened to have some medical tape in the truck along with a napkin (a clean one) and I proceeded to wrap his little palm up and help him to feel better.

By the time we reached the next stop, he was telling me, "mom I am going to need a walking stick." In the mean time, he found a bench, sat on it and stated, "I have to rest, I am too tired to keep walking."

Needless to say he did keep walking after a 5 second rest...
Since that time, he has yet to let me touch his hand. I gently remind him I have to change the bandage before bed, to which he answers, "no, we aren't changing it."

Well, I won't be fighting with him about it tonight. I am drained. I think tonight calls for Ambien!!! Awh, the efficiency with which Ambien does it's job on my body is lovely.
So, I am off to take that, and hit the soft, relaxing comfort of my bed.
Blessings to all of you!


  1. Our grandson has a bearded dragon and it was quite small when he got it. His name is "Buddy" and I'm like Littleman, I love to watch Buddy eat his crickets. Crunch, crunch, crunch. Their cat got a hold of it one day when the lid to his aquarium wasn't secured. He survived it. They do need to stay warm. Hope you'll post more pictures of your dragon as he grows! Oh, Buddy loves to be held too. Love your blog!

  2. I loved reading about the house that built you and your memories associated with it. I, also have fond and wonderful memories of our little family growing togehter in that house and that town. My prayers are ever for you to be in that 10% and all of us who know you and love you are the lucky ones!!!! Love you forever, Mom