Me and My Family

Me and My Family

02 November, 2010

Oh Monday, Monday...Why do I dislike you so?

Monday, day 5 of treatment!

Not a good day. Morning was ok...I drove into town with my mom and we shopped at Sam's club for a few things, got her packed up, met up with John and took mom to the airport. That was all good. It's my body that was not good. Fatigue in my muscles, tummy ache, neuropathy in my fingers and feet. By the time I took John back to work, I was exhausted and decided to drive home rather than finish my shopping.

Shopping is overrated anyway isn't it? Like, who needs fresh milk in the house?

Who needs bread, produce, or similar things?

I don't even have a snowsuit for my son yet and we have snow. So I can't really justify buying milk and bread when my son can't even go sledding until he gets his snowsuit.

So, the milk and other staples will wait. I must rest my weary body. Can I get Littleman to cooperate by watching a movie or something quietly for a while? I drive home, take the dogs pottie, and put in "The Neverending Story" for Littleman.

He actually watches it for a while so I can relax on the couch. Then we have to drive to pick up My John from the park and ride area. On the way home I tell My John I need an hour or two to myself. I want a HOT bath, and to crawl into my bed for awhile. He totally agrees and takes right over like the fabulous husband I know him to be.
He really is amazing! Sometimes I have to really be a woman and tell him exactly what I want...not expecting him to read my mind, but when I do...the results are wonderful.

I am so grateful today for my family, my mobility (even though it's tiring), my general health, my friends, my Husband, and my son.!!!! I am grateful for My Saviour and his miraculous love! I am grateful for new days, sunshine, snow, a warm home, and the hope of spring!!!
yes, I am already thinking of spring...second only to Thanksgiving! hahaha

Blessings to all!

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