Me and My Family

Me and My Family

21 November, 2010

Time Well Spent

Uh...I wasn't quite ready....

Someone got a haircut!

And he thinks it's scary?....tough?...too cool?...

But I think he's happy with it.

 Oh sooooo handsome! He was so cute while at the hairdressers. He wouldn't stop talking to the young woman cutting his hair. He introduced himself first as Ironman, then proceeded to explain to her how he wanted his Tony Stark, and about his siblings, and he commented on her hair. He went on to talk about other things I can't even remember now. I was laughing, and the people in the waiting area who were listening were chuckling themselves. I like his haircut also, but I do already MISS his long hair. IT was "growing" on me. hahaha.

IT was a good Saturday. Before the haircut, we went and saw Megamind the movie. Pretty good. Littleman really liked it. It was good to get out of the house with my family and do something besides errands. Going to the dump or walmart just isn't the bonding experience I enjoy.

Unfortunately the one place we needed to go but didn't make time for was the gym. I haven't been in a while, I NEED to go.
Tomorrow I go for treatment #12. 12? Hmmmm, where has the time gone? Well no matter, I'm going to pray it's been time well spent...I know I have been able to see my mom and dad way more than usual, and that's a good thing. And I spent so much time with my brother this summer, time I would never trade for anything! IT was great.

Now it's time to start getting my body strong again since I have a break coming up and I want to be strong if we have to go round #2 with Chemo.

All in all, the past 8 months has involved much Time Well Spent!!!

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  1. Hey, I love Ironman's haircut. Great job.
    I agree 150% that the last 8 months has been time well spent by the whole family. I so glad I've been able to be with you guys more than usual. Too bad about the reason though. Love you so much. Dad