Me and My Family

Me and My Family

16 November, 2010

Blustery Business

It's a blustery windy day here at home. A good day to stay home and bake....

Or in my case, do laundry, dishes, and general house cleaning.

Maybe later on in the day I will have time to actually bake something. Not that I need anything I would bake! But it always makes the house smell so delicious. I am into delicious smells. I don't always even eat what I bake...ok well at least not all of it. I usually share, but it brings me joy to bake and I love the smells.

My daughter is coming home for the holidays and we plan on doing some holiday baking together. It makes me feel normal to bake and cook. When I have the energy.

Speaking of energy...I haven't had much the last 6 days so today feels pretty good. Though I will probably crash tonight. I will have to take a nap if Littleman will take quiet time....

I am looking for ways to reduce stress in my life and bring more peace and joy into my day to day routine. I have been reading so many books with similar ideas and some contradictory ones that I have been feeling confused lately. I want to do WHATEVER I can to help my body heal, however, I might draw the line at 100% raw live food intake...I mean really, no sweets?~ I recognize that I am addicted to chocolate and sweets in general. And of course every author thinks THEY are right! So which way to go? Which author to take seriously?

Which method to try?

There are so many tools in the box, I don't even know which one to use first, or which one to pick up.

I guess I do because I am at least reading the books, and then have to make decisions from there. the books are the first tools. But inside them are numerous others.

I know the number one main tool I need to focus on and that is my scriptures! And my faith. When I was in the hospital after my surgery back in April, there was a large picture on the wall in the hallway and it was a surgeon working on his patient with Jesus standing over his shoulder, his hand on the Doctors. The caption read: "The Master Physician" I think...haha, something similar.When I first saw it I just stood there looking at it, wanting to take it home and hang it on my own wall.

He is the ultimate healer! I JUST PRAY that He has in the plan to heal me for a long time.

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  1. Well, it just so happens he does have a plan to do just exactly that. And that fits in well with what the rest of us have for a plan for you.
    Love you....Dad