Me and My Family

Me and My Family

30 November, 2010

Short but Sweet

Kaili (my daughter) came home for Thanksgiving. It was a short visit, but always sweet. She did get to come a night early, but then left a night early.

While she was here we played with the Bearded Dragon, made cookie dough which we never got to bake together. Kaili took naps with and without her little brother.

She went shopping with me on "Black Friday" and let me tell you that was not very exciting! We didn't go early, we didn't buy much, we didn't stay long, we didn't have much money! LOL

Thanksgiving day of course there was cooking, setting the table, and eating. Then clean up.
 Or did we nap first?
 cAn't even remember now.

On Saturday Kaili went out with her boyfriend and learned the basics of snowboarding. She has been wanting to do this for years. She said it was fun...she loves loves loves it. Hmmm....Guess I got her the wrong thing for Christmas. oooops;....sorry Kaili! Then she came home, packed, and left! So so sad however, my Littleman so wise in his youth....gently reminded me she would be back soon, for Christmas so I shouldn't be sad.
Mmmmm... gotta love my kids. I DO!
So Grateful for them.
And my husband....
my home,
my family,
my friends,
my saviour,
My Life!

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