Me and My Family

Me and My Family

25 August, 2010


Lung Biopsy! What can I say? I got a trip to Anchorage out of it. My Dad was there, along with Kaili, Jeremy, and my best friends. John had to stay behind this time with Damon. He was having a hard time staying behind, but I needed him with Damon. I reassured him that he was exactly where I needed him this time. I had plenty of love and support at hand to get me throught this.

Kaili hung out with me while I did all the admitting crap! I answered questions, gave my blood, waited...(and we all know now how I feel about waiting), and finally returned the next day for prep. Then I had to go into a room to get my epideral put in place...not fun, I probably wouldn't do that again. But they assured me it would help me battle the pain. At this point I was thinking....heck what's a little pain? I can deal with a little pain. But I did it. I let them stick that stupid epideral in. Then they knocked me out and I don't remember anything else until I was in and out of reality in phase I recovery. I was there for HOURS. So long that one of my friends who came to visit, waited so long she eventually had to leave without seeing me...and they finally let my family in to see me even though visitors usually aren't allowed in phase I recovery. There are pictures Kaili has of me with them during this time, and I have to say my memories are vague.

What I DO remember is the pain! yep....i said I 'd take it, but I didn't say it wouldn't hurt or bother me. I WAS hurting!! It WAS bothering me.

They finally took me to a room. Dad, Jeremy, and Kaili were there with me every step of the way. This hospital stay is mostly a blur for me, but I remember that I had to start as soon as possible to breathe into the little oxygen contraption to exercise my lung.

You see, they had to collapse my lung in order to get the biopsy. My lung was sore and tired. In the wee hours of the morning my heartrate started to drop really low...they ended up putting me on some blood pressure meds. It made me so nervous....everytime I would start to nod off, my heartrate would drop and the machines would start beeping and I would wake up. So I didn't sleep well for hours.

I was only in the hospital for two nights, but it was almost harder than the whole week I spent in-patient in Kodiak.

The day after the procedure my Doctor came in and let me know that the biopsy results were in. The noludes in my lungs were positive for colon cancer. So I am officially, Stage IV Colon Cancer Metastatic to the lungs.

Sounds fun huh? haha, Multiple trips to Anchorage on someone elses dime not withstanding, it's not fun. Its scary.

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  1. I love you. I admire your honesty, your courage, your attitude and most of all your real life happenings that you include. Many of us wish we could hold your hand the whole way, but you would be exhausted by all those that love and care for you, LOL! Hang in there my dear friend and know that many people are praying for you and sending good healthy healing vibes your way!