Me and My Family

Me and My Family

19 August, 2010

Back to Reality

Back to reality is how today felt. I didn't feel sick. I had energy. The sun was shining.
I just felt










YES, THAT'S IT, cheated! I feel cheated in so many ways. Forget for a moment my journey home from the hospital. Today that doesn't much matter to me. Today I feel cheated and I DO want to crawl into bed. I want to lay in the sun by a pool where the temps are warmer than 55. I want to run around the neighborhood and not feel winded and have a sore lung. I want to be able to clean the house well enough that my husband doesn't feel the need to do it for me. (though I know I must not feel cheated to be married to a man who isn't afraid of housework). Honey, really....thank you!

Cheated I say! What a rotten feeling. It has the ability to ruin a completely beautiful, otherwise enjoyable day.

It sucks that I have to make changes (well I don't HAVE to), to my diet because I am sick, not just because I want and need to lose a few pounds.
Oh that I could rewind the calendar to a day when ALL I need to do was lose a few lbs. Would I change my diet for that knowing what I know now? Maybe....yes. I hope. lol

Funny story I have to put in to freshen up my mood a bit.

Yesterday I was driving and Damon and I were talking. I was telling him sorry for feeling sick so much, but that I actually was going to be sick forever just that some days I wouldn't feel so sick. He said, "yes that is why you keep going to the doctor to get medicine for your sick germs." I replied, "that's right sweetie. I need the medicine so I won't feel sick all the time." Damon returns, "Mom, I have a good idea...we should put a blueberry in your body!" " A blueberry?" I ask. "Yes, mom, blueberries kills germs, and we should put a big one in your body!" he informed me.

Oh how I wish a big fat blueberry would do the trick. I would eat a big one every hour! Those are easy to eat, they are sweet and juicy.

So, my reality today....cranky, cheated, bored, plain old angry. But we are having company for dinner. The Elders are coming and I invited a few other friends to join us for salmon and rice, pie, and salad. And we are going to fire up the fire pit in the backyard and make s'mores. Those are my fave!!!! It relaxes me to make and eat s'mores. Since the sun is out we have to take advantage.
I hope you enjoy your evening, and find "s'mores" on your cranky days.


  1. please excuse me....I have to go get a box of kleenex :(
    I love this blog and also hate it. Dani, you sure now how to put the words together. Love you so much!!!!

  2. Oh, did I forget to say how proud I am to have you for a daughter?

  3. And I would just like to say...that Dani is actually working harder than any of us...I mean the inside of her body is working overtime to fight this disease. I may be a good housekeeper, but Dani's body is working harder at cleaning house and killing those cancer cells. I love you sweetie :-)

  4. Oh, sorry your were in the dumps today. There's a movie on base tomorrow night that looks good if you want to go. My popcorn just doesn't taste as good without your special container of salt to go on top. We could even ride our bikes, if someone from my neighborhood goes. I don't want to come across a bear riding back by myself.
    The sun will come out... tomorrow.

  5. I love you so much my precious daughter. Pamper yourself and let yourself be pampered. You mean so much to so many.