Me and My Family

Me and My Family

08 August, 2010

Lets blow this joint!

So, my time in the hospital was relaxing yet stressful. Does that even make sense? I don't think so either, but then at this point not much was making sense in my life. The Doctors had so much information for me and my family, and I was trying hard just to heal up enough to go home and blow this joint.

Everytime John came to visit I would send home some flowers with him in preperation for getting it all home before it was my turn. There were A LOT of flowers and gifts. My room smelled so so good.

The nurses loved coming in and smelling. I joked that I might start my own floral business. I had to get in a few jokes when I felt up to it, because in between jokes if I let my mind wonder I became too sad and would end up crying. At this point we still really didn't know how serious my condition was. Only that the Doctor had said I was most likely looking at 6 months of Chemo. Any more than that he really couldn't say.

We had to wait until I got the PET scan and after that who knows what. The immediate plan was to get home, heal and recover for a week or two and then head to Anchorage for the PET scan. So lets think, I had surgery on Monday the 26th of April and I believe I came home Sunday the 2nd of May! MAybe I came home Monday, I can't remember anymore. They let me go as soon as I was walking a lot during the day, eating more solids, and going to the bathroom regularly.
Sounds like such fun to report to the nurses and doc?
It just became my life!
I have talked more about my elimination system in the last few months than ever in my life before.
My surgeon, Doctor Gregory Norkus is easy to talk to though. I have a good rapport with him and had to discuss these things with him.
So when all my bodily functions were agreeable with Dr. Norkus, he let me go home. I was somewhat nervous. After all, I had been taken care of, waited on, and had plenty of naps to brag about. I was scared I would get home and then not be able to rest easy. I was anxious Damon would hurt my stomach. I was over anxious I would want to come home and immediately take over my duties at home that I like done certain laundry, dishes, etc...I was also very excited. I was excited to sleep in my own cozy bed again, to fall asleep next to my sweet loving son, to wake up and have my John help me through the day. To hang out with my Mom during the day and maybe, just maybe sit in the sun with them all. The only thing that would be missing when I got there was my sweet Kaili girl. She was still in school, finishing her spring semester. She would come soon though, so I could wait.
So Sunday drew near. I prepared by walking, eating, eliminating, and being a good patient in general. haha.

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