Me and My Family

Me and My Family

21 August, 2010

Sleepy Saturday

So, I decided to write early in the day this time. We are all and trying to decided what to do with this Saturday. Kaili leaves to return to school tomorrow morning so this is our last full day with her. Of course the weather turned cloudy last night.
Although once we had rain here at home, and then got to Pasagshak and it was so nice and sunny out there. Not to say it's always going to happen that way.
I feel much better today than I did yesterday. Though very tired. I kept waking myself up with thoughts of my bloodclots breaking away and traveling to my brain...I won't mention what happens then. Terrible thoughts to fall asleep and wake up with. Finally around 1a.m. I think I finally drifted off for the duration of the night.
Damon woke up on HIGH gear. He didn't even come get us up, he ran straight downstairs and was doing stuff. I could hear him out on the porch! Oh my neighbors are mostly likely looking forward to Damon moving on....hahaha
Today we will try to do some fun, relaxing stuff....things that make us feel normal. Later I will get back to my story of coming home and what comes after that.
May you all havea blessed Saturday!!!

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  1. I'm checking your blog everything day to see if you've entered a new episode to your journey.

    I can't believe how little you've changed when I saw your pictures. You haven't aged at all since I last saw you !!! And let me say this to all of you who read this: IT has been quiet some time ago when we did see each other and we walked thru THE streets of Paris !!! Wouldn't IT be great to walk thru those streets again ???

    Hopefully THE memories of those sunny days in Paris will help you thru THE dark Alaska days !!!