Me and My Family

Me and My Family

18 August, 2010

They actually let me go....

Whew! It took a week, and a lot of recovery, but the Doctor finally let me go. My family was SO excited. I was SO excited. My friends were Excited!

What would I do when I got there? Oh so many things I wanted to start back at, but wait....the orders were to keep resting and taking it easy. Light walks around the block, light meals, easy on the stairs.

Wait, maybe I should wait...NOT. I was going home. It took a step stool for me to get into our truck. My mom came and helped me from the hospital room all the way to the truck and then home. I think, or was it John? See, oh my gosh I can't even remember. All I know is one person picked me up while the other waited at home with Damon and the dogs,

And all my flowers, and balloons, and get well cards.'d think I could remember a small detail like who picked me up and brought me home, but no. I cannot. I have tried, but no luck. Actually it's probably a BIG detail to that person....but please forgive me! My mind has been on information overload since April 22 and I don't think it's ever going back.

This is what I think all the time now...there is no going back. there is no rewind. There are no do-overs. In my case there are no second chances ( as far as doing it all again). It is what it is from now on!!! Every day I have cancer. I will always have cancer. I will always have "bad" germs in my body.

Hold on......I will back up the train just a bit here. I was talking about coming home. that is a GREAT thing and I got sidetracked by my germs. Sorry!!!!

So, Stepstool into the truck. Riding home with a blanket against my stomach, yes that would be the quilt Audrey made me!!!!! Thank you again Audrey! Love ya.

Get home, stepstool back down out of the truck. I walk in and there are like 4 bouquets of balloons in the house. Beautiful balloons, brown, green, white, polks dots...great. They matched my ...hahaha, quilt.

Damon was there to greet me, his poor old mom! He was so so GENTLE with me. He was also very happy to see me at home. He immediately wanted to see my stomach and my boo boos. He wanted to talk about how the Doctor had put staples in my stomach and then removed them, and it didn't hurt me. (it really didn't). The Doctor actually told John that my surgery had gone as smooth or smoother than they could have asked for. As good or better than any textbook could drum up.

This is me the week after I came home:

Me with My John:one of the few nice days this summer.

And my WONDERFUL Mother who came to help!

Of course my Adorable Son, Damon: Trying hard to be the best example of "enduring to the end".

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