Me and My Family

Me and My Family

08 August, 2010

Fast Forward...August 7, 2010

August 7, 2010: Coast Guard Day! There was a 5k in the morning.
I had asked a couple of my friends to join me in doing it. Then I got my bike tire fixed and Audrey and I discussed the possibility of biking that morning instead.

Friday night I was so undecided. I wanted to ride my bike, but I also wanted to do the 5k and complete it. I texted my other friend, Lisa, and she said she was going to do the 5k rather than bike.

Saturday morning dawned somewhat beautiful outside. A good day for a bike ride. A good day to sleep in. A good day to spend with family. Even a good day to do a 5k...
I guess. lol

So I lay in bed contimplating all those reasons and more why I should NOT participate in the 5k. I lay there.....and lay there.

Finally I decided I would just get dressed and go do it. I called Audrey, against my better judgement...I know she is not a morning person, and left a message that I would be going to Base to do the 5k and would she please join me.

I went, I registered, I chatted with friends...Ambee, Lisa, Crystal. I told Lisa don't even worry about keeping pace with me, she should zoom ahead if she felt like it. She assured me she is not a big runner and no matter what we did she was ok with it.

So the race was on. We started out jogging. Lisa pushing her daughter in the jogger, and me hands free. I was panting in a matter of minutes. WOW were my lungs out of shape. I've been back to the gym, I've been hiking and walking, and getting exercise. But running out in the open is just plain DIFFERENT! It was hard on me and my weak lungs. I was/am amazed at how out of shape one can get (namely ME) in just a few months. I could have done this no problem back in April before surgery.

At this rate though I had to keep slowing down to walk. Lisa was a trooper and did this with me walk...jog....walk...walk...jog...on and on it went. When We got around the peninsula and by the CGCutter we jogged a bit and I waved Lisa on to finish with a jog. She did. I walked a moment and then jogged again myself. It wasn't much farther to the end and I really wanted to end on a jog also. I intervalled the rest of the way...more jogging than walking at this point. It was actually easier for me by myself because then I could jog REALLY slow and keep my breath in check better. Lisa says she jogs slow, but it was still too fast for my short little legs and weak lungs! hahaha

The finish was near...I did less than 50 minutes.

I later found out from Ambee who was wearing a GPS that we went 3.45 miles. So that in less than 50 minutes was even better. I was proud of myself, and it felt good to have my exercies in for the day.

Now home to shower and spend the rest of the day with family! I got to do the 5k AND still be with my family. We went to the Base gym where Damon and Kaili played on the blow up bouncy toys, and we all ate hot dogs. Damon got his face painted like a green monster and then we went to the pizza parlor across from the gym to get free soft serve ice cream for Damon.

To top it off we went to the FREE matinee at the movie theatre on base. Toy Story3.
To Damon it was a perfect date. He got to sit by his best friend, Abby, on one side, and his mom on the other...followed by Kaili and Daddy. He did not forget that on the other side of Abby was Abby's mom, Lisa! He loved it. We ate free popcorn, and chocolate, which we had to purchase, because popcorn is not good popcorn without chocolate!

My day was complete. It was a good day. A day to be grateful.

I am grateful!!!


  1. Man, I wish I would have woken up when the phone rang yesterday! I was out like trout from the late night before.
    The movie was really good, wasn't it? I wish I would have seen where you were sitting. We had crap seats, and I think we might have been the only adults there without children.

  2. That was a fun day! Thank you again for letting me wog with you