Me and My Family

Me and My Family

04 December, 2013

Please sit down!

Please sit down. Don't faint from surprise! Don't collapse from shock! I am writing a post in my blog. WOW.
I didn't plan this. I came on to see if there was a way to go from blog to book. I can't find anything on the sight that tells me how to do this. Do any of you have any suggestions? If so I would love to hear them.
I have been up and down emotionally since summer. After months on my hallelujah diet my cancer had spread and grown. Then from June to September everything in my lungs was stable while the rest had continued to grow. I struggled with the decision to do more treatment or keep doing the diet only. After much prayer and emotional upheaval I decided to return to treatment. I lost my hair again, and am still doing treatment. I am however, on a quick break for the Christmas Holiday. I will get a CT scan later this month before returning to treatment.
I have been getting promptings recently to pray and consider restarting my diet and getting more serious about alternative treatments that are spendy. I am serious about them, it's just that they are so costly, and not covered by my insurance.
In the mean time, I am doing what I can to enjoy all my time with my little family. We are in the talking and brainstorming phase of our family vacation. California/Florida? hmmmmm such decisions. There are a lot of logistics that go with a family vacation. Who will watch the house, and all the animals in it. Two large dogs, a fat lizard, and a sweet bird. We will need a house sitter for sure.
I continue to homeschool Damon, and he is doing really well. Despite lapses in my teaching due to not feeling well. Damon is such a trooper. After getting some input from a good friend we found an online program to help supplement what I am already doing, but Damon is able to do it on his own, for the most part in case I am not feeling like reading, or teaching from the regular curriculum we have. We are also currently reading Charlottes Webb. Looking for other great classics for his age.
My daughter, Kaili, is back home and we love having her here. She is working, and busy, but when I really need her she is willing to be here.
As for myself, I have been doing a lot of reading on my Kindle. That has got to be the best birthday investment John ever made! I have been reading a lot of historical fiction from the 1800's.
We decorated from Christmas right after Halloween at my request. I never know how many Christmas's I have so I am making the most of each one I do have. I love the decorations, the music, the hallmark specials, the feelings of giving, the sweet feelings when thinking about Christ's Birth. All of it.
On that note,
Merry Christmas
& Happy New Year!


  1. Merry Christmas and much love to you! Thank you for the update!

  2. None of us know how many Christmas' we'll have and far to often we forget to enjoy every little moment.. Bless you Danielle! Sending love and healthy healing energy!

  3. Kris is so right. None of us know. So your tree has been up since Halloween? Didn't know that. Love you, my dear, sweet daughter.

  4. Nice to see your post! I know people who have "Christmas" trees up all year long with each season's décor. Why not? At least leave the pretty lights up! I don't know who makes the rules but they are to be broken ... signed, a rebel!