Me and My Family

Me and My Family

17 December, 2013

What I am working on...

I got a bunch of brochures from the BioCare Hospital in Mexico. I read my copy this morning. It sounds intriguing and wonderful. If only insurance would pay for a three week stay there. I got an explanation of benefits in the mail yesterday and as I was reading through it, trying to make sense of it, I was floored at some of the numbers I saw on the page. During a one month time period, during which I think I had two or three infusions, insurance was charged enough to send me to this hospital in Mexico several times.
If you have ever wondered how much Chemo costs let me assure you it is EXPENSIVE and if I ever had to pay for it (even a fraction of it) out of pocket I would surely have to stop receiving it. I would not go bankrupt, or let my house go in order to come up with that kind of money. I couldn't leave my family with that burden.
If I did three weeks of chemo treatments here, here meaning in the USA,  it would far exceed the cost of  spending three weeks at BioCare in Mexico. And the treatments they do there are so much more in line with promoting self healing.
So, rather then finding money to pay for chemo, because at this point in time it's covered by insurance, I am looking for ways to raise money to go to Mexico. I am looking for some good woman in the MatSu Valley area of Alaska to help me brainstorm, organize, and carry through on fundraisers. I need helpers who can organize events, love interacting with the community, have great ideas, know me and my story or are willing to find out more.
That's my dream now. It can't do me any harm, unlike the chemo.
On another note, I am so excited for Christmas. I wish I had a piano because I love singing Christmas carols to the sound of a piano. Not that I am a great player, in fact right now I could probably only play one handed, but it would be fun to brush up.
Hope you all are enjoying the Season, and the wonderful snacks and food that comes with it.
Merry Christmas


  1. well i dont live in alaska but would be willing to tryand organize a bake sale or something just for your funds let me know