Me and My Family

Me and My Family

24 December, 2013

Did I say that?

Did I actually write a post and talk about waiting? Did I mention waiting in the title of said post? Did I say how I really didn't like waiting? And in the same post did I say anything about my Heavenly Father blessing me?
Haha, I know the darn joke is on me!!!!!!
Here's the deal, I rescheduled my CT scan because I woke up sick yesterday. I rescheduled for Thursday morning. More waiting.
That's not the end though.
Today they called from the Imaging Associates of Providence to tell me they had not yet received authorization for the scan.
They didn't mention that yesterday when I called to reschedule. I should have expected it though. I have had more trouble getting timely authorizations for these darn scans, it's pathetic.
It's not really the fault of the doc's and staff there, it's the insurance.
So, for now, the scan is cancelled until I find out why I have no authorization yet, and until it's taken care of. Then I will schedule it. I will then have to reschedule my follow up appt with the Doc to go over the scan results.
I will try to remember not to write anything about waiting (and how I feel about it) in my blog posts in the future. It is counterproductive.
On another, more happy note, I spoke on the phone this afternoon with two dear friends from high school, sisters. I also spoke with their mom and dad. They are all like family to me. Very special family.  It was so nice to hear all their voices and speak to each of them individually. The only one I didn't get to chat with is their older brother, who is also good friends with my older brother.
Speaking with them made my day, my week, my holiday!
Now I go and spend the rest of the afternoon/evening with my kids. Don't really have a plan, it's real cold outside so driving around to look at Christmas lights may or may not happen. Maybe we will, go drive around, drink sparkling cider from the bottle....hahaha or take our nice crystal glasses with us and sing Christmas songs. Sounds fun. Cold, but fun.
Merry Christmas to all!!!!
Love and Blessings.

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