Me and My Family

Me and My Family

12 March, 2011

Week in PREview

So, the week ahead looks to be a boring one. Even though I have Kaili home for spring break, and John has the week off, I still anticipate boredom.  This, unfortunately is not a new concept for me.

Let me explain a little more. I am scheduled for surgery Monday the 14th. It's hernia repair surgery.
 I have 2.
 In the abdomen.
They are a result of the major surgery I had back in April.
Once I have the surgery I am on a lift restriction for the first lifting at all. AFter that, no lifting anything more than 20lbs for 5 more weeks.
Man, that's going to be interesting. When  you are put on lift restrictions, you suddenly realize how much you DO lift over the course of a day.
pull on dogs leashes
a gallon of milk
more laundry
poop scooping bucket
hahaha, i wish the mail was big and heavy all the time, that means packages
containers of flour, sugar, etc...
ok...I have been admonished...the lizard doesn't weigh too much! That's ok.
vacuuming (no problem)
I plan to restrict myself to even less than the 20 my doc is recommending because I do NOT want these to come back.
They have been very uncomfortable.
I am ready to have them fixed.
I am ready to not lift the dishes! lol
So, all this non-lifting will lead to a boring week this week.
Unless Kaili will play non-stop Fasttrack with me. 24/7. Hmm, can one play Fasttrack for that long and still enjoy it.? Dad??? Answer please.....
Kk, dinner is ready, and everyone else is already eating. How many things do you lift in a day?
Maybe I will be able to lift my fingers to type so I can blog every day next week.
Yes, I'll milk this, why shouldn't I?
hahaha yeah!
Blessings to all of you


  1. I can only tell you that I've never tired of playing fast track. And I don't think your brother, Dan, has either. By all means, let everyone else to the lifting during your recovery.

  2. Good luck 2morrow !!! You'll be on my thoughts. And enjoy your week off with your girl, Jo