Me and My Family

Me and My Family

01 March, 2011


My guys. I look at those faces and can't believe what I did today! I feel terrible.

I cheated. I cheated. And when john finds out he is going to be SO disappointed in me. As he should be. But

before I tell him I have to confess something else....

I enjoyed every second of it. And I mean enjoyed!!! It was so good. And once I got a  taste of it, I only

wanted more. I wanted it to last and last.

I have another confession.....

Damon was with me. I cheated right in front of my son!!! I feel so bad. I'm such a bad mom. A bad wife.

I didn't even cheat with a tall, dark, handsome, muscular guy half my

I'll tell you the facts.

I was walking through the Dimond mall with Damon, when we came around a corner and there it was.

The smell was soooo overwhelmingly delicious.

I walked by looking longing at the object of my lust. I proceeded to the comic book store with Damon all the while doing the self talk.
don't do it Dani, you'll be sorry. You will disappoint John and feel guilty for hours or even days to come.

Damon and I returned down the hall of the mall, and coming around a corner there it was again!!!!!

Ok, I decided to just give in to my desires. My opening line?

Maybe I please have a pretzel dog??? with cheese? And cinnamon nuggets for my son?

It was fresh out of the oven and HOT. Oh so HOT. I took it with me to the truck, got Damon situated and started my "dog". Oh that first bite was sooo delicious.

I enjoyed every single bite of that pretzel dog. From Auntie Annes. Interestingly enough my friend Anna introduced me to them when we went to Vegas last April.
Mmmmmm mmmm good. I have been drooling for one for months. I basically gave up meat and dairy months ago and Hot dogs before that. So it was a big breakdown for me to do this.

I did enjoy every bit of that dog, but I also feel terrible now. Mentally, emotionally. I came home and made soup in my Vitamix with all sorts of veggies. Maybe by tomorrow I will feel better.

 In other news, the day before my devastating choice was good. I was going to post pics, but the blog isn't let me add more now for some reason. will post tomorrow.

I hope none of you have to go through the feelings I did today. Don't make a choice like I did. You can exhibit better self control, as I am going to work on tomorrow.

love to all of you!!!

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