Me and My Family

Me and My Family

27 February, 2011

Lost Thoughts, have u seen them?

Is anyone else out there at all like me? Do you ever get a good idea and think it's so great that you won't forget what it is so you don't write it down..then later can't remember it??? For me I get these ideas when I'm driving or out somewhere and don't have the resources TO write it down. Later, I can't even recall what the heck I had in mind. The ideas are usually for my blog. Darn it all!!! This is what I'm going through right now. Yesterday I had this wonderful idea for a blog entry...did I write it down or voice it out loud to my husband?


So now all I can do is write about how I HAD this idea and now am writing about how I forgot it. hmmmm

Something is wrong with this picture. And if any of you have this same problem then I can no longer blame my forgetfullness on "chemo brain" which I haven't too much as I just learned about this term the last month of treatment. I didn't feel it was right to blame it when I hadn't even known about it.

Like when I found out I could have gone to DMV and requested a "handicap" sticker for my car for parking. It was the last month of treatment and I didn't feel it would be right/fair to get one at that point in the game. Though that month following my last treament would have been GREAT to park so close. I know better now. IF and I mean IF I go back for more torture....I WILL be getting a "handicap" parking tag!!! Especially if it's winter. The cold air does numbing things to my face, and pokey prickly things to my hands after a treatment.

Well, this entry wasn't really about treatment, but hey. I wanted to add a few pics from recently so here are a few.

This white boy can dance!

And Dance!

And give affection....


  1. You must be my daughter because I have the same problem forgetting my brilliant ideas...or wait, did I even have any?
    Love the pics.
    Love you.

  2. Well, I don't have chemo brain, but sometimes I can't remember my thoughts long enough to get them on paper even if I had paper right in my hand! Sometimes I think I need to google that" and before I can touch a key, the thought is gone! Oh dear! I'm with your dad - love the pics - Love you