Me and My Family

Me and My Family

13 February, 2011


Curious........Todays lesson in Relief Society was about sacrifice, which made me think of my last post regarding taking things for granted.
The question was raised, would we give up our "things" in order to follow Christ? What would we be willing to give up in the name of family, for family time, or in order to help family or friends?

I started thinking about myself of course and how we left Kodiak and all my great friends there in order to be closer to my health care and not have to travel every other week, leaving my family behind. Of course now that I am well (for the time being) I wish we were still in Kodiak! I do feel like we sacrificed a lot to be here in Palmer now. John's job for instance..because we are on  a humanitarian transfer his job is an unbudgeted poistion and there isn't much for him to do. I worried about that....that he would not have anything to do and get bored. He said it didn' matter as long as we were able to have easy access to my doctor and treatment and not have to leave him and Damon every other wk.

But John being the man that he is (sacrificing, generous, loving),  was ok with all that. Even leaving behind the best fishing ever and some of the best memories we have made so far in our short marriage.

And I know that the sacrifices were necessary and that John would do it all over again....except for the stress.

Today I am so grateful for friends put in my life at certain times for certain reasons, family willing to sacrifice money and time to help my family, John my husband who is always there for me and willing to do what I need him to do. I am grateful for two of the best kids ever!!!!! I am grateful for heavenly father working the medicine in my body, and for giving me more time with these friends and family. I am grateful for the new friends I am making (even if slowly) here in Palmer. I am grateful for each and every one of you who read my blog and pray for me and support me.

I think I could give up what I have to follow my saviour (as long as I can take John and Damon with), haha. I could leave the TV, cable, movies, computer. I am sure I won't have to give up all that but sacrifice does come in many forms...

What are some sacrifices some of you have had to make that benefited you in the long run?

HAppy Valentines Day tomorrow everyone!!!

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