Me and My Family

Me and My Family

01 February, 2011

A Birthday pre-blog

Damon's Fourth Birthday, which happened before I started my blog. (I think) I guess I could look it up. (but why would I want to do that?)

Birthday Breakfast

Birthday Boy loves his breakfast

the SuperHero of the house!

Oh, here is the superhero of the house...and his cake.

And the Superhero's friends

and his Big Sister!

this was a fun day for all. We went swimming at the pool on Base before all coming here to the house for Ironman cake and fun with friends. There were balloons for everyone!
I've since been informed that the fifth birthday will be a superhero one also, but with multiple Hero's. We'll see about that.
And to think, I thought I was Hero Enough! What's a mother to do.
Keep on lovin'
Keep on playin'
Keep on teachin'
Keep on plannin'
I love Damon with all my heart!!!!

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